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Fast delivery from stock within a few days to your desired address


Rent office equipment flexibly and adapt it to your current needs at any time.


Lendis takes care of
installation, maintenance and insurance.

Manage your office equipment with the Lendis platform

When you rent with Lendis, you also get access to the Lendis platform. Via the platform, you can independently rent additional products, clearly manage your office inventory and clarify support requests.

Lounge furniture with Lendis rent instead of buy

The trend towards furnishing offices with a lounge character has continued to grow in recent years. For a long time, lounge furniture was mainly used to furnish reception and waiting areas. In the meantime, companies are also setting up lounge areas for their staff, which are used for relaxation, concentration and communication.

Lendis helps you as a professional full-service provider with the modern equipment of your office. More than 500 customers already use our service. Thanks to the rental model, they benefit from numerous advantages.


Our customers appreciate the possibility to flexibly adapt their office equipment to their needs at any time. Would you like to redesign your existing lounge areas or create more? With Lendis, you simply rent the office furniture and technology you need for your project. You can easily return products you no longer use or exchange them for others.

Planning and design of your office

Are you interested in a modern designed lounge area in your office? Are you currently planning a new office and want to create a lounge area? Lendis will work with you to plan an inviting lounge area that matches the style and colour of your office.

Create a positive first impression with customers, business partners or applicants. A well-structured waiting area helps guests find their way around. They can also use the time to prepare for the upcoming appointments on comfortable seating.

Lounge areas offer different uses for your employees. As lounge and break areas, they give your employees the opportunity to take short rest breaks or to exchange ideas with each other in a relaxed atmosphere. As a meeting area, you create a place for productive exchange in a relaxed atmosphere. Equipped with appropriate technology, lounge areas can also provide a pleasant setting for team and project meetings. Lounges equipped with comfortable furniture are also an increasingly popular alternative to desks.

Extensive product range

At Lendis you will find an extensive range of office furniture and electronics. From a single source, you get everything for your modern lounge area, regardless of what it is to be used for.

The right seating furniture

Feeling comfortable is one of the most important aspects in the lounge area. The seating furniture should also correspond to this. Comfortable seating landscapes can be created with lounge chairs and sofas. Stools and side tables are the perfect complement. The lounge furniture should be comfortable to ensure a high level of comfort even during longer conversations.

Furniture for improved acoustics

As a place of communication, good acoustics in the lounge area are also important. Acoustic chairs and sofas are designed to minimise sound. Together with partition walls, the lounge areas can be structured and separated and the background noise is effectively reduced.

Plants as a feel-good factor for more cosiness

Plants improve the atmosphere in the office in many ways. As an element of interior design, they contribute to a homely ambience. In addition, they ensure better air quality and thus increase the feel-good factor in the office lounge as well.

Modern technology

If the lounge area is used as a meeting area, high-quality technical equipment is now also one of the requirements in a modern office. This starts with the equipment with access to electricity and internet so that employees can use the various devices. Presentations can be shown via smartboards or beamers. This turns the lounge area into a cinema.

All-round service

Customers of Lendis receive a comprehensive service. At the start of the rental period, we take care of the delivery and assembly of your lounge furniture. During the entire rental period, we are available at all times to answer any questions or solve any problems and ensure that everything is handled as quickly as possible. If you no longer need individual products, we will also take care of the dismantling and collection of the furniture.

cash flow

Thanks to office equipment rental, high capital expenditure that unnecessarily ties up capital is no longer necessary. Instead, pay only low rental instalments from your revenues. This secures the company's liquidity and creates leeway for strategically important investments.