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Equip your employees in the office and home office with height-adjustable desks and ensure an ergonomic workplace and improved health protection. Learn more about renting with Lendis

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Fast delivery

Fast delivery from stock within a few days to your desired address

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Rent office equipment flexibly and adapt it to your current needs at any time.

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Lendis takes care of
installation, maintenance and insurance.

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Equip your employees with technology and furniture as quickly as never before. Use Lendis OS for your company now and save a lot of work, time and money!

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More information about renting height-adjustable desks with Lendis

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Your advantages when renting with Lendis

Lendis is the innovative offer for companies to fully equip work areas and employees in an uncomplicated, fast and cost-effective way. With our Office as a Service, you simply rent everything you need to set up work and meeting areas. All associated services are already part of our solution.

Height-adjustable desks for the office and home office

At Lendis you will find a wide range of selected desks for the office and home office. Our electric height-adjustable desks are ideal for the best possible ergonomics at the workplace. Thanks to the motor, the height of these desks can be adjusted quickly and effortlessly so that you can switch between standing and sitting positions while working.

As a sitting table, they offer a comfortable sitting position with a height of 70 cm. As a standing table, they can be raised to a height of up to 120 cm. This means that a suitable working height can be set for every body size.

With the Tia and Ian desks, we also offer two space-saving models for the home office. Thanks to the smaller width of 90 cm, they also find space in limited living areas.

As with all our products, we also pay attention to the best quality with our height-adjustable tables. The robust table tops are resistant to scratches thanks to their melamine resin coating and are easy to clean. The table frames guarantee high stability and are also scratch-resistant thanks to the powder coating. For the electric drive, we rely on powerful motors that are designed for long-term use.

Complete your workplace with our other products

An ergonomic, height-adjustable desk is only the first step towards a well-equipped workplace. At Lendis you can also rent everything else you need for a productive working environment.

Office chairs

A high-quality desk chair is at least as important as the desk. With this, your colleagues will sit comfortably even when working for a long time and prevent back pain. You can also find suitable conference chairs for the meetings that are part of everyday working life today. Last but not least, you can also rent flexible stools directly from Lendis.

Office desks

In addition to desks, large conference tables for the meeting room or multifunctional high tables are part of a modern office. You can find these in the office tables section.

Storage space

For sufficient storage space in the office and at the workplace, we have the right solutions in our range of office cabinets. You'll find everything from filing cabinets to modern highboards and sideboards to mobile pedestals.

Phone Booths

Our telephone and meeting boxes are among our top sellers. After all, they are an uncomplicated way to create additional meeting options and places of retreat for undisturbed conversations.

Delivery & assembly included

After renting your desired products, Lendis does not leave you alone. Afterwards, we take care of the fast delivery - we usually ship furniture within 14 days - and take care of the professional assembly of the desks and other office furniture on site.

Reachable at any time

During the entire rental period, our customer support is available to help you with questions and problems. If repairs are necessary, you can create a ticket via the Lendis platform. This will be processed within 48 hours and a team will take care of the fastest possible implementation.

Manage the office easily with the Lendis platform

Customers who rent their office equipment with Lendis have free access to the Lendis platform. The Lendis platform is the operating system for managing your company's infrastructure.

Promote sustainability

Lendis is the right partner for companies that value climate protection and want to make an active contribution to greater sustainability. Through the rental model, we promote the circular economy and a reduction in the use of resources. At the end of the rental period, all office furniture is refurbished to a high standard and then re-rented.

In addition, we offset all CO2 emissions generated within the framework of our rental model. For our customers, this means that they rent 100 per cent climate-neutral office furniture and technology.

Rent height-adjustable desks instead of buying them - The advantages of the rental model

Lendis and its comprehensive service haven't convinced you yet? Our rental model offers you further advantages over the classic purchase or leasing.

Scalable and flexible solution for your business

Maximum flexibility and easy scalability are important factors in today's business world. With Lendis, you can easily equip all your office and remote workers, whether you have 50 or 5,000 employees.
Need more office equipment? No problem! You can add more products to your rental with just a few clicks on the Lendis platform. You can easily return equipment you no longer need. This way, you always adapt your equipment to your current needs and only pay for what you actually use.

Cost advantages

No large investments are needed for the rent. Instead, you pay a small monthly rent. This way you secure your cash flow and invest in the growth of your business.

Furthermore, since rental expenses are treated as operating expenses (More on OpEx instead of Capex), rental expenses can be fully deducted from profits in the respective period.