Ergonomic Desks Rent for the office

With Lendis you can rent professional, ergonomic desks for your employees. Our range includes both large desks for the office and narrow desks for the home office. Learn more about renting with Lendis

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Fast delivery

Fast delivery from stock within a few days to your desired address

Full flexibility

Rent office equipment flexibly and adapt it to your current needs at any time.

Complete service

Lendis takes care of
installation, maintenance and insurance.

Onboard teams anywhere in minutes

Equip your employees with technology and furniture as quickly as never before. Use Lendis OS for your company now and save a lot of work, time and money!

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More information about renting desks with Lendis

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This is what renting with Lendis offers

Lendis sees itself as an all-round service for office equipment. In this way, we support companies of all sizes in optimally equipping all work areas, regardless of whether it is a company office or the employees' home office, with little effort. Companies choose the scope of the offer according to their individual needs. They either rent only the required office equipment and technology or use additional services such as office planning or the pre-configuration of laptops and smartphones.

When renting desks, you benefit from the following options:

Ergonomic desks for all work areas

In our range you will find a wide selection of desks to suit the individual needs of your employees. The range includes

  • Classic desks in white and industrial look,
  • Electrically height-adjustable desks like the Ted model for the greatest possible ergonomics
  • Height-adjustable desk attachments that enable standing work even at classic desks
  • Ergonomic desks for the home office that, thanks to their narrow width, can also be easily accommodated within one's own 4 walls.

You can rely on the high quality and careful selection of our products.

Further products for complete equipment

In addition to desks, everything else that is necessary for a professional working environment in the office or a home office workplace is available at Lendis. For the basic equipment of the office, you can easily rent additional office furniture such as office chairs or office cabinets. Our popular telephone boxes are suitable as additional meeting facilities or as a place of retreat. Various acoustic solutions are also available to improve the room acoustics.

You can also rent all the technology you need to make your colleagues productive. You will find laptops and smartphones for each individual's personal equipment. To enable collaboration between employees on site and in remote work, we stock smartboards and conference room technology.

Delivery & Assembly

The organisation and coordination of delivery and set-up is a complex and time-consuming challenge for most companies. Lendis takes this task off your hands and takes care of it.

Delivery takes place throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We usually deliver the desired products to your desired address within a maximum of 2 weeks, be it the company office or directly to the home office of your colleagues. We also take care of the professional and speedy assembly, so that you and your teams are ready to go straight away.

Easy management of the office

As soon as the products are with you, you can easily manage your entire inventory via the Lendis platform. For this purpose, every customer automatically receives free access. On the platform you can see all products rented with Lendis.

  • you can also add all the other furniture and technology from your company to have all the information in one place.
  • You assign individual products to work areas (e.g. conference room), locations or employees and thus know even more precisely what is where in the company.
  • you can order additional tables, chairs or computers with just a few clicks, which we will deliver immediately.

Personal support

To ensure that everything runs smoothly during the time you rent desks and other office equipment, you will have a personal contact person at your side. You can send us your requests for repairs or maintenance directly via your personal account on our Lendis platform. This way, all enquiries land directly where they can be processed immediately.

Renting desks instead of buying - The advantages of the rental model

Our Office as a Service model makes equipping the office a breeze. But it is not only procurement that is made much easier. The rental model offers further advantages for companies and on a social level.

Flexible and scalable

By renting office equipment, you remain as flexible as possible at all times. Depending on your needs, you can adapt the equipment to the current situation, rent additional products, exchange or return furniture and technology that is no longer in use. This makes renting a scalable solution that allows your equipment to grow with your company. You only pay for what you actually use.

Cost optimisation

When purchasing office furniture and technical equipment, high one-off costs are incurred. Purchased equipment is then claimed pro rata over the useful life in the annual tax return.

In contrast, renting does not require a high investment. Instead, you only pay a small monthly fee for the rented products. Since rental expenses are counted as operating expenses (read more here: OpEx instead of CapEx), all expenses can be charged in full in the corresponding period.

Contribution to sustainability

In many companies, the issue of sustainability is now given high priority. Renting instead of buying means making an active contribution to more sustainability in the office. Not only is the life cycle extended, in which returned furniture is refurbished and re-rented. In addition, Lendis compensates 100% of the CO2 emissions generated in connection with our offer.