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Rent office equipment flexibly and adapt it to your current needs at any time.


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Manage your office equipment with the Lendis platform

When you rent with Lendis, you also get access to the Lendis platform. Via the platform, you can independently rent additional products, clearly manage your office inventory and clarify support requests.

Furniture for the reception and waiting area - Rent instead of buying with Lendis

The reception and waiting area is the figurehead of a company. Guests, whether customers, business partners, applicants or suppliers, should all get a positive first impression of the company.

With Lendis you have the possibility to equip your complete office including reception and waiting areas. More than 500 customers already make use of the possibility to rent office equipment and electronics from Lendis. Because numerous advantages speak for the rental model.


The requirements for modern office space are constantly changing. For companies, renting instead of buying means being able to react easily and quickly to changes. Office furniture that is no longer needed can easily be returned or exchanged. Adding more workstations, redesigning lounge areas or restructuring reception areas is thus possible in a short time without high costs.

Planning and design of your reception area

Modernly designed reception areas take away the feeling of waiting. Instead, they convey relaxation. A sensibly structured reception and waiting area welcomes guests and gives them the opportunity to orientate themselves quickly. Where is the reception desk and who can I report to? Where can I find the cloakroom to put my things? Where can I take a seat to wait for my conversation partner?

We are happy to support you in structuring your reception area. Together with you, our competent consultants will plan the design of your office space and advise you on the choice of suitable office furnishings.

Office furniture for the reception area

A modern reception area is not a sterile waiting room, but conveys a relaxed lounge feeling. In addition to classic reception furniture, such as a reception counter and cloakroom, guests should feel comfortable and find a homely atmosphere.

Sofas and armchairs can be used to create comfortable seating landscapes where your guests can relax and prepare for the upcoming appointment. Supplemented with office plants, the homely character can be further enhanced and the air quality improved. Side tables are a useful addition to the seating furniture to create storage areas for laptops, smartphones or notebooks. The right office lighting can be created with office lamps. Indirect lighting with floor lamps provides cosiness.

In today's digital world, reception areas are also equipped with modern facilities. Internet and power connections allow visitors to be productive while they wait. Monitors allow you to tell visitors more about the company and your mission.

Lendis offers you a comprehensive range of high-quality and modern furnishings for your waiting areas. Our staff will be happy to advise you on the choice of suitable reception furniture and technical equipment.

All-round service

A perfect and comprehensive service - that is our claim. We are available to you at all times. Even before the start of the rental period, our staff will advise you on both the planning and the choice of suitable products. We will deliver and assemble your desired products for you. During the entire rental period, we are available for you if you have any questions or problems. You would like to return furniture you no longer need. We will also take care of the collection.

Reduced investment risk

Investments in office equipment always represent a risk. The expenses quickly add up. If the purchased furniture is not used or only slightly used, valuable capital is tied up unnecessarily. Especially in the case of uncertain business development, secured liquidity is of great importance and reducing capital expenditure is advantageous.
Thanks to our rental model, you reduce capital expenditure and thus the investment risk. Instead of high one-off payments, only low rental fees are due, which you settle from your monthly sales.