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Comfort and functionality - Modern swivel chairs & executive chairs for the office

A table and a chair - that's all you need for a workplace. However, anyone who regularly spends several hours at an office desk is aware that a workplace has to meet a number of requirements.

Seating comfort is probably one of the most important requirements for an office chair. In most workplaces, modern swivel chairs have gained acceptance due to their numerous functions. With a wide range of adjustment options, they can be individually adapted and thus offer every employee the best possible sitting comfort. Executive chairs go one step further in terms of comfort. Executive chairs are even more individually adjustable, offer a larger seat and are often extra padded. The material used is usually high-quality leather.

Functions of modern office swivel chairs

Regularly changing the sitting position is also called dynamic sitting. High-quality office swivel chairs support active (dynamic) sitting through their various adjustment options. Office chairs thus contribute to improved ergonomics at the workplace.

These are the functions that a modern, high-quality swivel chair should have:

Chair/seat height

Depending on the body height, the chair can be adjusted in height. At the optimum height, the legs are at a 90° angle. The feet are straight on the floor.


A good swivel chair has an armrest. This can be adjusted in height. The armrest should be adjusted so that it is level with the tabletop and the forearms rest horizontally. Many models have 3D armrests that can be adjusted in any dimension.

Tiltable backrest

Thanks to a tiltable backrest, the upper body is supported and brought into a straight position. Back pain is thus effectively prevented.

Other features of high-quality swivel chairs:


Swivel chairs are usually equipped with castors. This makes it easy to choose the right distance from the office table. At large office desks, you can also easily move to a different place and remain in the desired sitting position.


Especially in summer, chairs with breathable mesh backs prevent heat build-up. Excessive sweating can thus be avoided. Designer office chairs and executive chairs are often made of high-quality leather. This offers additional comfort.

Rent swivel chairs & executive chairs - your advantages with Lendis

At Lendis you will find a selection of high-quality office chairs. Our models offer the highest seating comfort for every body type and meet all the requirements of an ergonomic office chair. The models allow numerous configuration options, such as seat depth adjustment, 3D armrests or a weight-dependent synchronous mechanism.

In addition, you benefit from numerous other advantages with us:


Thanks to the rental model, you always remain flexible with regard to your office equipment. React to fluctuations in office furniture requirements easily thanks to monthly cancellation. Would you like to keep the office furniture after the rental period has expired? If you do not cancel, the rental period is automatically extended. You don't have to worry about anything else.

All-round service

We take care of all the necessary tasks from start to finish. This includes fast delivery as well as professional assembly on site.

Product range

In addition to office swivel chairs, you will find everything you need to equip your office. Whether it's high-quality office desks and cabinets in timeless designs, office plants to increase the feel-good factor or powerful electronic devices - save a lot of time in your search for the right office equipment. Lendis - We Power Your Office.