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Multifunction devices - monitors for the office

Monitors and TVs are important parts of the office and are used in many ways. Monitors are part of every well-equipped office workplace. Meanwhile, the use of multiple monitors is common and especially when working with a laptop, an external monitor increases comfort. Moreover, such a multi-monitor setup leads to significant productivity increases of up to 35 percent.

Precisely because the devices are used in so many different ways, some questions should be answered in advance in order to choose the right model.

Requirements for monitors and TV sets

Even if at first glance they are supposedly simple products, there are a multitude of technical specifications that you should pay attention to when choosing the right model. We present the most important ones below.

Resolution and size

Resolution and size are probably the most important criteria, both for workstation monitors and for TVs.

Resolution is the number of pixels displayed horizontally and vertically. A resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, for example, refers to Full HD devices. The size of monitors and televisions is usually given in inches. The interaction of size and resolution determines how large elements are displayed on the screen. The following applies: the higher the resolution for the same size, the smaller the elements are displayed.

What is the optimal size for monitors and TVs? Modern monitors today offer Full HD and are at least 22 inches in size. A workplace monitor should not be smaller. Larger devices with 24 or 27 inches are no longer uncommon. For individual tasks, especially in the area of graphics processing, only devices of this size allow productive and high-quality work. Resolutions of 2560 x 1440 pixels are recommended.

Other size recommendations apply to TV sets, as the distance to them is usually greater. The size of the room in which the TV is used is therefore decisive. In meeting areas, sets up to 55 inches are suitable. In conference rooms, on the other hand, a screen diagonal of at least 60 inches is recommended.


People who work in an office usually sit in front of a monitor for several hours. For this reason, the topic of ergonomics at the workplace is also important with regard to the monitor. Concrete requirements for a VDU workplace are regulated in the VDU Workplace Ordinance.

Ergonomics-supporting monitors are easy on the eyes because they enable good readability, have a high colour display quality and keep reflections and mirroring to a minimum. In addition, they can be adjusted in height and tilt. This means that the monitor can be individually adjusted to the employee, which supports a comfortable and healthy sitting posture.

High-quality screens also have a pivot function and can be rotated by 90 degrees. On the one hand, this ensures improved readability. On the other hand, it helps, for example, when designing advertising material in portrait format.

Curved screens

Curved screens are curved monitors and TVs. The shape corresponds to the natural curvature of the eyes. The result is that the distance to the edges is reduced for the eyes and thus the viewing comfort increases. However, a noticeable increase in comfort only occurs from a screen size of 27 inches.

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