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Side tables create homeliness in the office

In addition to the functional and ergonomic equipment of workplaces with desks and swivel chairs, the design of office spaces is also becoming increasingly important. Employers who value cosiness are more attractive to employees - after all, most employees spend a large part of the day in the office. Companies that care about the well-being of their employees create comfortable meeting, seating and lounge areas. Here, employees can withdraw to focus on their work or exchange ideas in team meetings.

But not only your own employees, but also guests, customers and job applicants should feel comfortable in the office right away. Reception and waiting areas should therefore also be designed in an inviting way, with comfortable seating areas to make a positive first impression on visitors.

Side tables as a design element for the feel-good factor

No matter where they are used - in combination with comfortable lounge chairs and sofas, side tables and coffee tables create a homely ambience. As is the case everywhere, the choice here is now also large. So what are the options when it comes to choosing the right side tables?


In contrast to functional desks, couch and lounge tables also serve as design elements. Since a well thought-out interior design always follows a set style direction, the style of the side table must also fit in. In start-ups that have their offices in former industrial facilities, furniture in the industrial style looks particularly exciting and dynamic.


The material used also plays an important role. While wood creates a homely ambience, chrome-plated furniture looks more elegant and is particularly suitable for companies in classic sectors, such as banks or insurance companies. Glass is also found on couch and side tables. The clear structures of glass tables make them look particularly elegant.


"Form follows function" - this should also be taken into account when choosing side tables. Tables in reception areas do not need to offer large storage areas. In lounge and meeting areas, on the other hand, your employees should be able to hold professional discussions. Sufficient space for a laptop and the possibility to take notes at the same time should therefore be provided.

Additional functions

In addition to the design, other functions can offer important advantages. For example, castors help to place the side table flexibly where it is needed. Height-adjustable side tables not only offer an ergonomic aspect, but also flexibility in design. Depending on the height of the surrounding furniture, such side tables can be individually adjusted.

Couch & side tables - Why is it worth renting office furniture with Lendis?

With Lendis you can equip your entire office cheaply and flexibly and also benefit from other advantages.

High-quality furniture in a large selection

At Lendis you will find a wide range of office furniture. You can equip your office space with the right furniture in a stylish way. You avoid a lot of effort in the search for suitable furniture and get everything from a single source.


Thanks to our rental model, you remain flexible at all times. You can conveniently rent office furniture such as couch & side tables from Lendis. At the end of the rental period, you can conveniently cancel at any time at the end of the following month. Otherwise, you simply keep the furniture for another month.

Everything else you need for your office can also be booked flexibly. If you no longer need your rented products, you can also cancel the rental monthly after the minimum term of 3 months.

Lendis Care - Our all-round service for you

With Lendis Care, we offer a comprehensive service for your office equipment throughout the entire rental period. We adapt our range of services to your personal needs. Regardless of this, we are always available to provide you with competent advice and support. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail, telephone or simply use our chat.