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With Lendis you can rent comfortable bar stools & ergonomic stools for flexible use at the workplace or in open space. Learn more about renting stools with Lendis

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Creating places of exchange and well-being

Flexible working models such as the home office mean that the office is increasingly taking on the role of a central meeting place for employees. Therefore, in many areas of the office, the focus is less on concentrated work. Rather, the focus is on creating relaxed, pleasant working environments that promote creativity. At meeting points, in the kitchen or at the coffee bar, employees should find an inviting and homely environment that encourages exchange.
At the same time, waiting guests should also feel comfortable in the reception area and gain a positive first impression of the company.

What do bar & seat stools do to solve the problem?

Bar & office stools are stylish pieces of furniture in a modern design that can be used flexibly in a wide variety of places in the office. They are much more suitable for creating an environment conducive to communication than classic office chairs. For meetings, additional stools can be added quickly and easily, depending on how many people are taking part.

Bar stool

In combination with high tables, bar stools can be used to create relaxed seating corners and meeting areas, either as a separate lounge area or, for example, in the office kitchen. Height-adjustable bar stools offer additional flexibility and enable a comfortable sitting position for employees of different sizes. Thanks to the backrest, they are also easy on the back and allow for longer periods of sitting.

Office stools & standing aids

Office stools and standing aids are light-weight and therefore mobile and flexible seating furniture. They are equally suitable for lounge areas and meeting points. Their design promotes active and ergonomic sitting. This is why they are often used as an alternative or supplement to conventional office chairs. An extension with castors makes them even more mobile and flexible.

From office stools to laptops - equip your office with Lendis

Lendis equips you with everything you need in the modern office. We cover the entire range of office equipment and electronics. You will only find high-quality products designed for professional use. In addition, our customers benefit from numerous other advantages.


Our rental model gives you maximum flexibility. Are you optimising your room concept and need a different facility? Your needs grow due to new employees? No problem. You rent your desired products quickly and easily. You return office furniture you no longer need.

Low investment costs

Instead of high, one-off acquisition costs for your office equipment, you pay a small monthly amount for the rent, which you generate from your revenues. This puts little strain on your cash flow and allows you to remain agile in order to react to new challenges.


Lendis customers benefit from a comprehensive range of services. This includes comprehensive and competent advice before the rental, delivery and assembly of the office furniture and electronics as well as availability in case of questions or problems during the entire rental period.