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Why rent conference chairs with Lendis?

With Lendis, you can conveniently take care of your workspace equipment, whether in the office, home office or for remote work. Because Lendis not only rents out the equipment, but also takes care of all tasks related to the equipment from A to Z.

What can you rely on when renting with Lendis?

High-quality conference and meeting chairs

Our range of office furniture includes high-quality conference and meeting chairs that meet the demands of a demanding office day and long meetings. There is a wide range of conference chairs to choose from. At Lendis, however, we limit the range to a manageable number of products. Only office chairs that meet our and our customers' requirements make it into our product range. Nevertheless, you still have enough choice to find the right conference or meeting chairs to meet your individual requirements.

You don't know exactly which chairs are suitable for you? You should pay attention to the following features when choosing a model:


A conference chair must offer a high level of comfort. This is the only way to stay concentrated and focused even in long meetings and presentations. So-called cantilever chairs offer very good value for money in this respect. Free-swinging chairs have no rear legs and thus allow a springy movement, which leads to greater seating comfort.

Conference chairs offer even more comfort. They have a larger seat and improved upholstery compared to simple conference chairs. With rounded seat surfaces, they also help relieve strain on the knee joints.


The wide range is also reflected in the materials used to make a conference chair. As a rule, conference chairs consist of a metal frame. The seat and backrest are covered with artificial leather or fabrics. Real leather is used for high-quality design chairs. Depending on the spatial design of the conference and meeting rooms, the matching chairs can be chosen in different colours and upholstery.


To increase mobility, conference chairs can have pre-mounted castors. Conference chairs on castors allow you to change position during long meetings, for example, to create more freedom of movement for the legs. This makes for comfortable sitting and better ergonomics.


Stackable chairs are suitable for offices and conference rooms with limited space. The right number of chairs is provided according to need. This way, there are no unused chairs in the way and all meeting participants have the maximum space available. Any chairs that are not needed can be stored away to save space.


Conference tables and chairs often fulfil representative purposes. Especially with regular customer traffic, the design of the office furniture underlines a positive impression on the counterpart. Company values such as quality standards, creativity or seriousness can be shown through an appropriate choice of office furniture.

Further equipment for all tasks

In addition to our range of conference chairs, you can also rent the corresponding conference tables from Lendis. Together with modern conference room technology, you can make your conference rooms the perfect meeting environment and fit for hybridwork.

Of course, you will also find everything else you need for a professional working environment with us. You can easily rent complete office furnishings, such as height-adjustable desks or office chairs. Modern room-in-room solutions (telephone boxes) or our acoustic partitions are suitable for improving the acoustics. Last but not least, you can equip your employees with modern technology such as laptops and company mobile phones via Lendis.

Fast delivery and professional assembly

After the order has been placed, the real work begins. Because the delivery of the ordered office furniture to the appropriate addresses must now be organised. On site, occupational health and safety naturally requires professional assembly.

At Lendis, the entire logistics of your rented office furniture is part of our service. We ensure fast delivery of your desired products throughout the entire German-speaking region. As a rule, you will receive everything within 14 days. Our logistics team will then take care of the assembly of all furniture on site. Of course, tidying up and disposing of the packaging is also part of the process. Meanwhile, you can continue to take care of the really important things - the success of your company.

Maintenance & Service

To ensure that everything runs smoothly at all times, Lendis is at your side throughout the entire rental period. Defective furniture or equipment will be repaired immediately or quickly replaced. If you have any questions, a personal contact person is always available. In the event of problems, Lendis customers use our specially developed platform for fast processing.

Digital management of the inventory

In addition to providing modern and high-quality office equipment, Lendis provides its customers with a specially developed digital platform for free use. The platform offers various functions to digitally manage and organise the office.

In the shop area, you can order additional products independently with just a few clicks. This gives you the greatest possible flexibility and independence. In addition, you always have an overview of the inventory in the company via the platform. You assign individual products to employees, work areas or locations for even better traceability. Unused or no longer needed inventory is thus quickly identified and unnecessary costs reduced.

Promote sustainability

With Lendis you contribute to more sustainability in the office and more climate protection. How does it work? Whether it's a conference chair, an office table or a printer, Lendis compensates 100 per cent of all CO2 emissions generated by the rental of our products. Customers thus receive completely sustainable office equipment.

Rent instead of buy - How you profit

Renting with Lendis makes setting up the office a breeze. In addition, the rental model offers several other advantages over buying or leasing.

Use flexibility

The purchase of office equipment is associated with high one-off capital expenditure. If it turns out over time that products are not needed or do not fulfil the desired purpose, capital is unnecessarily tied up in the company.

You always remain completely flexible when renting. Additional products can be rented at any time without any problems, and those that are no longer needed can be returned. In this way, you can always adapt your equipment to your current needs. This makes renting a scalable solution that grows with your business, especially for fast-growing companies.

Financing & Tax Benefits

By renting chairs and co. instead of buying them, operating instead of capital expenditure is incurred(OpEx vs. CapEx). The two types of expenditure are treated differently for tax purposes. While capital expenditure is depreciated over its useful life and thus only claimed on a pro rata basis, operating expenses can be fully offset for tax purposes in the period in which they are incurred, usually to the benefit of the company.