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The world of Apple devices

Apple has always been known for its innovative products. The company still sets the standard for the entire industry with its laptops, desktop computers, smartphones or tablets, both in terms of performance and design. The devices are not only popular with private users, but also enable maximum productivity in the business environment.

Apple Computer

Apple computers can be recognised by the name "Mac". The laptops are known as MacBook. Their stationary brothers, the desktop computers, are called iMacs. Both the Apple MacBooks and the Apple iMacs regularly top the technology charts when it comes to top performance.

Apple iPhones

Apple is also the founder of the smartphone as we know it today. With the introduction of the iPhones, the company has had a lasting impact on most people's lives. Apple's iPhones are also popular as company mobile phones. Companies like to use the high-quality devices to show themselves as an attractive employer, but also to equip their employees with an additional tool for more productivity.

Apple iPads

After the success of the iPhone, Apple also brought so-called tablets onto the market with the iPad as an intermediate between laptop and smartphone. Tablets have now also earned a firm place in working life and are used in numerous ways. Apple iPads are also among the top devices in their segment.

Apple Accessories

In addition to Apple devices, there is also a wide range of Apple accessories to choose from. With speakers, keyboard, mouse and more, you can expand your use and increase your productivity.

Why is it worth renting Apple equipment?

As a provider of technology for businesses, all Apple devices can be easily rented through Lendis. The rental model also offers further advantages over purchasing.

Current devices

At Lendis, the latest technology is always available for your business. This includes the new Apple models that are released every year. In addition, Lendis customers receive an automatic upgrade to all rented devices at the end of the initial rental period, at the latest after 24 months. In this way, companies enable their employees to work with the latest technology and with the greatest possible productivity at all times.


Thanks to our rental model, it is no longer a problem to adapt the equipment to current needs at any time. Customers can easily book additional products via their account. You simply return the technology and office furniture you no longer need. Your office equipment grows flexibly with the size of your company and you only pay for what you actually use.

Insurance cover

All rented Apple devices are insured free of charge. All common causes of damage such as fire and water damage or theft are included. Your employees can work with peace of mind.

Do you have questions about our service or individual products? Feel free to contact us at any time by phone, email or contact form.