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With Lendis, companies can easily and flexibly rent powerful laptops, notebooks and convertibles from top manufacturers. So your employees can work productively at any time, no matter where they are. More information about renting with Lendis

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Fast delivery from stock within a few days to your desired address

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Rent office equipment flexibly and adapt it to your current needs at any time.

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Lendis takes care of
installation, maintenance and insurance.

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Equip your employees with technology and furniture as quickly as never before. Use Lendis OS for your company now and save a lot of work, time and money!

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More information about laptop rental with Lendis

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This is what renting with Lendis offers you

Our offer is not limited to the pure rental of laptops. We also offer other services that make equipping your colleagues as easy as possible.

Renting with Lendis includes the following components. You choose the scope that meets your individual requirements.

Latest laptops from the well-known brands

If you are looking for high-quality laptops from top brands such as Apple, Lenovo and Dell, Lendis is the right place for you. In our shop you will find a selected range of business laptops, netbooks & ultrabooks.

You are not yet sure which is the right device for your requirements? Here are some tips on what you should look for when choosing. Alternatively, our staff will be happy to advise you. So feel free to contact us.

For which area are the laptops needed?
The question in which area the laptops are to be used already helps to narrow down the choice. Because each area has specific requirements for the company laptop. Especially in areas of image and graphics processing or where complex calculations have to be carried out, productive work is not possible without high-quality technology. The path then usually leads to premium laptops from Apple or Lenovo.
Tip: Be sure to consult with those responsible for the area or with your colleagues themselves to better understand their requirements.

Basic specifications
The different requirements start with general specifications such as size and weight. Employees who are frequently on the road attach importance to compact & lightweight devices. If, on the other hand, the laptop is only taken into the home office once a month, the weight is less decisive. Personal tastes often decide on the size of the display. While some place value on compactness and prefer a 13-inch laptop, for others the laptop screen must be sufficiently large, so that 15 or even 17 inches are the preferred size.

The processor is the central computing unit of a notebook. The speed at which the processes can be handled is typically specified in Hertz (Hz). Modern, powerful laptops today deliver 2 GHz and more. In principle, the more demanding the corresponding task, the more computing power is required.

Working memory
When processes are being processed, data is temporarily stored in the main memory (RAM). Today, 8 gigabytes are common; high-performance devices have 16 or even 32 GB. When it comes to RAM, the motto is: the more, the better.

Hard disk
When working in the office, data is usually no longer saved locally on the notebook, but stored in the cloud. But colleagues who are often on the road and do not have a permanent connection to the company need to be able to store their data locally. Sufficient storage space must be available for this. The hard drive size should not be less than 256 gigabytes.

Especially for the area of image and video editing, the screen resolution is also an important criterion for enabling high-quality work. In this respect, Apple laptops with ultra-high-resolution Retina displays are particularly convincing.

Suitable accessories
Working on a laptop is not recommended for ergonomic reasons. Peripherals such as an external mouse and keyboard make working more comfortable and productive.

How can you rent laptops from Lendis?

If you already rent office equipment or technology with Lendis, you also have access to the account area of our platform. There you can easily rent additional products.

Companies interested in an initial rental can add the required equipment to their enquiry list via our website. Via the checkout function, the enquiry list is transmitted to our staff, who will get back to you as soon as possible with an individual offer.

Technology upgrades

The current state of technology is changing rapidly, especially in the area of mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. For the greatest possible flexibility, Lendis offers you the option of free technology upgrades. This means that you can always provide your employees with the latest technology and enable the highest possible productivity. At the end of the rental period, after 24 months at the latest, you can make use of the upgrade to receive the respective successor model on your rented laptops.

Ready-to-use devices

If you wish, we can set up the devices according to your requirements before delivery. You manage which programmesare installed on the employees' devicesand which security requirements apply. Your colleagues only have to log in with their access data, everything else happens automatically. The devices are ready-to-use and your employees can start using them immediately.

Support and personal contact

We attach great importance to the best possible service. For this purpose, a personal contact person is available to you throughout the entire rental period, whether for questions about products or the handling of repairs.

The support centre is the account area of our Lendis platform. Simply enter your request there. From there, it will be forwarded directly to the appropriate department and dealt with immediately.

Fleet Management - managing your laptops

Keeping track of all the devices used in your company can be a complex task. With the Lendis platform, managing your laptops and other office inventory is no longer a problem. All products rented with Lendis are added automatically, and existing inventory can be added easily. For a better overview, products can be assigned to individual employees, branches and/or office areas. This way you know at all times where your office equipment is being used.

Promote sustainability

Lendis wants to make an active contribution to more sustainability in the office and climate protection. Through the rental model and the return of used products to the product lifecycle, we have already taken a first step. In addition, we compensate for all CO2 emissions caused by our rentals. Customers thus receive 100 per cent sustainable products.

Take advantage of the benefits of renting over buying

Compared to the classic purchase or leasing, renting brings further advantages for companies.


In a world that is constantly and rapidly changing, flexibility is an increasingly important prerequisite for successful companies. Whether it's a redesign of the office space or changes in the technical equipment, thanks to the rental you can react quickly to changes.

Scalable office and staff equipment

The rental model allows you to adapt the equipment to the growth of the company. In phases of growth, you can rent the required products at short notice. You can easily return equipment that is no longer in use.

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Secure your liquidity

Buying laptops, office desks or office chairs involves a high investment. In contrast, under the rental model you only pay a small monthly rent for the products you actually use. This protects your cash outflow and secures your liquidity.

Tax advantages

Rents are classified as operating expenses (CapEx to OpEx). This allows them to be deducted in full in the period in which they are incurred, which leads to tax advantages.

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