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Information on renting office equipment with Lendis

This is what renting with Lendis offers

Lendis is the full-service provider for the simple and convenient furnishing of your office areas and home office workplaces. So that you can concentrate on what's really important, we take care of everything from start to finish when it comes to equipping workspaces and employees.

Are you looking for a partner for office equipment? That's what Lendis offers you:

Rent high-quality office equipment at a reasonable price

At Lendis you can rent a wide range of high-quality and modern office equipment. Whether for the workplace, the conference room or the lounge area, you will find the right products here.

Our range includes products from the following two areas

  • Office Equipment
  • Electronics

Office Equipment

With office furniture from Lendis, you can transform all areas into a productive and pleasant working environment. You will find everything you need in the following categories.

Office furniture: With our high-quality office furniture, you can provide your employees with a modern and ergonomic workplace. Certified desks and swivel chairs enable comfortable working, office cabinets and mobile pedestals provide sufficient storage space for important documents or personal utensils. With the high-quality conference tables and conference chairs, you can ensure a high level of comfort even during longer meetings. Last but not least, comfortable upholstered furniture creates additional meeting possibilities in a relaxed atmosphere.

Telephone boxes: Telephone and meeting boxes are among the most requested products at Lendis. The practical room-within-a-room solutions create additional meeting possibilities and places of retreat for focused work without any structural measures.

Acoustic solutions: With the help of different acoustic solutions, you can improve noise protection in the office with little effort. With acoustic furniture and meeting islands, you can work productively without disturbing noise. You can use partition walls and table partitions to reduce noise or structure open office spaces.

Office lamps: For the right lighting in the office, rent our modern table & work lamps and floor lamps.

Miscellaneous: You will also find numerous other articles that are part of the complete furnishing. You use office plants to increase the feel-good factor in the office and offer an entertaining change on stressful workdays with table tennis tables or foosball tables.


In addition to the office furnishings, you rent the appropriate technology so that your colleagues can always work productively.

Computers: Computers form the basis of today's work in the office. With mobile laptops from top brands such as Apple, Lenovo or Dell, your employees can work flexibly in the office, home office or remotely. Powerful desktop computers are particularly suitable for demanding tasks, such as image and graphics processing.

Mobile devices: For additional flexibility, rent company mobile phones and tablets for your teams. This way, they are always connected to the company, even outside the office.

Technology for hybrid work: With video conferencing technology, monitors and screens, you can master the challenges of hybrid work and connect your employees in the office with colleagues in remote work.

General office technology: Lendis also offers the right technology for daily administrative tasks, such as printers, copiers and document shredders.

Electrical appliances: Last but not least, you ensure the well-being and satisfaction of your employees with electrical appliances such as coffee machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and water dispensers.

Extensive range of services

The product range is complemented by our comprehensive services. After you have sent the order for your desired products, we take care of the fastest possible processing. We will process your enquiries within 24 hours.

Afterwards, our logistics team ensures quick delivery. Since we keep most of the products in stock, the office furniture is usually delivered within 14 days. We ship technology within a few days.

For compliance with occupational health and safety and for safe use, our team takes care of the professional assembly on site.

Would you like to equip your employees with modern mobile devices? We will also take care of the configuration of the devices. All your employees have to do is register and they can start using them straight away.

Personal contact persons

As a full-service provider, Lendis provides you with a personal contact person at all times. Whether you have questions about products, service offers, invoices or repair requests, the customer care team will be happy to help you.

You can reach your contact person directly via the support area of our Lendis platform. Requests that you send to us via the support area will be sent directly to the appropriate place and can be processed as quickly as possible.

Sustainability & Climate Protection

Climate protection and more sustainability in the office are important concerns for Lendis and our employees. With the rental model, we can already contribute to saving more resources by renting out our products several times. In addition, Lendis supports numerous projects all over the world in order to compensate for the CO2 emissions caused by renting out our office equipment. For you - our customers - this means 100 percent climate-neutral office equipment rental with Lendis.

Rent office equipment instead of buying - How companies benefit

Lendis wants to take the stress and hassle out of procuring and managing your equipment and offers you numerous services to do so. In addition to the no-stress solution with Lendis, the rental model offers several advantages over other forms of financing such as purchasing or leasing.

Flexible & Scalable

Renting instead of buying means the greatest possible flexibility for you and your company. You decide at any time whether you need additional equipment and rent it flexibly. In this way, you can adapt the equipment to the growth of your company with just a few mouse clicks.

You want to change or no longer need individual products? No problem. You can easily return items you no longer use. Lendis takes care of everything. So you only pay for what you actually use.

Favourable financing

The purchase of office equipment is associated with high, one-time investments that greatly reduce the company's liquidity. In contrast, only small monthly rental instalments have to be paid when renting. You can easily cover these with your monthly revenues.

Rental instalments are also treated differently for tax purposes as business expenses than capital expenditures. While purchased office furniture is depreciated annually on a pro rata basis over its useful life, rental instalments can be claimed as business expenses in full in the period incurred.