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With our modern highboards and sideboards, you can set stylish accents in the office and at the same time provide additional storage space to neatly stow away documents. Learn more about renting with Lendis

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An office cabinet is more than just storage space

In addition to personal equipment at the workplace, numerous devices and documents are needed every day and a large number of documents are created. To avoid chaos in the office, you need sufficient storage space. Office cabinets help to keep order in the office. But the demands on office cabinets go beyond sufficient space. As part of the office furnishings, they also contribute to the interior design. For this reason, office cabinets today must also meet visual requirements.

High- & Sideboards - Creating stylish space in the office

Highboards and sideboards make a significant contribution to a homely interior design and are now standard equipment. This modern office furniture skilfully combines design and functionality.

The main difference between highboards and sideboards lies in their dimensions. In the office context, in addition to the centimetre, the term folder height is often used to classify filing cabinets and sideboards in terms of size. A file height is the distance between two shelves and thus indicates how many files can be stacked in the cabinet. The file height is calculated from the height of a standardised DIN A4 file and is 36 centimetres.


Sideboards are flat office cabinets. Their height is usually between 70 and 100 centimetres. Sideboards usually have 1 - 2 file heights.


Highboards are half-height, space-efficient wardrobes between 110 and 130 centimetres high with 3 - 4 file heights. They are also usually wider than sideboards, but still higher than wide.

Thanks to their stylish design, the highboards and sideboards can be used flexibly in almost all office spaces. While they offer space in the conference room to store all unused conference equipment, highboards in particular are also popular as room dividers in the open space area to structure large open spaces according to teams or departments.
There are different types of doors on the front of the cabinets. Depending on taste or need, the cabinets can have hinged doors, sliding doors, roller shutters or even no doors at all.

Lockable chests of drawers offer additional security. Important documents or expensive electronics can be protected from unauthorised access.

Rent highboards and sideboards with Lendis - your carefree package

Lendis is the first port of call when it comes to equipping your office. Because when you rent with Lendis, you benefit from numerous advantages.


The design and furnishing of office spaces is constantly changing. Whether new trends, changing needs or technical progress, the demands on office furniture and electronic equipment change regularly. When renting your office equipment, you can react flexibly to these changes at any time. You can rent office equipment for new employees at short notice and return or exchange furniture that is no longer needed.

Low investment costs

Our rental model saves you high one-off costs for the purchase of your office equipment. Providing office cabinets such as highboards and sideboards, as well as electronics and workstations for all employees entails high investment costs. Money that is not available to your company. In comparison, a low monthly rent saves your cash flow.

Learn more about the advantages of the asset light approach here.

All-round service

Lendis is your full-service partner for furnishing your office. From competent advice, delivery and assembly to the collection of the furniture at the end of the rental period, we are always there for you. This leaves you more time for what is really important - the success of your business.


Our goal is to extend the product life cycle of office equipment and significantly reduce bulky waste. Therefore, we give companies the opportunity to rent their office furniture & electronics flexibly and change at any time if there is a desire for change. Of course, we clean the furniture before renting it out again and repair any signs of use. This makes the products like new again.