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With Lendis Remarketing, you can convert your old IT hardware into cash - we collect everything, value the IT and pay you out

In many companies, there are IT hardware cabinets or even rooms that are overflowing with old devices. This IT hardware costs companies a fortune, as the devices lose value every day and cause high storage costs.


With Lendis, you can easily convert your old IT hardware into cash and also act much more sustainably, because Lendis gives IT hardware another life.


From a quantity of 10 devices, Lendis will collect the devices from your premises. You notify Lendis of the desired collection and inform us of the most important details of the IT hardware:


  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Specifications
  • Condition


We are happy to provide you with a template for the provision of IT hardware information.


We will provide you with a price proposal based on the information provided.

Evaluation & data deletion

The devices are collected from you by Lendis based on your wishes. This is followed by the final grading of the collected devices using a standardized grading system - scores range from Grade A to Grade D.


  • Grade Afor example
    • Slight signs of wear
    • Keyboard worn out
    • Rubber feet missing
    • SIM cover missing
  • Grade Bfor example
    • Slight dents in the housing
    • Display scratch
    • Fan cover missing
    • Slight pixel errors
  • Grade Cfor example
    • Heavy dents in the housing
    • Display broken
    • Backlight defective
    • Touchpad defective
    • Engraving available
  • Grade Dfor example
    • Device is locked
    • Display missing
    • Device does not boot
    • Damage caused by liquids
    • CPU missing


The assessment (grading) is documented in detail and sent to you in the form of a final report.


Of course, this step also ensures that all data is removed from the devices without exception. Data is deleted in accordance with the GDPR.


Based on the final evaluation (grading), we will send you the final prices.

The amount will then be paid directly to you


Contact Lendis

Our location

Oranienburger Straße 66,
10117 Berlin, Germany

Opening hours

Monday - Friday
08:30 - 17:30

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