Employees can be onboarded with just a few clicks via LendisOS. This saves you a lot of work, time and money when onboarding IT hardware and furniture.


In LendisOS, you can easily create employee profiles and assign rules to them. This allows you to ensure that employees only receive what they are supposed to receive.


Profiles can be assigned by team/department, seniority or individually, for example. You can then decide which products the profile can choose from and up to which budget. Alternatively, you can simply define fixed packages (bundles) per profile.

Order & delivery status

Depending on their profile, employees or administrators can place orders for IT hardware and electronics in just a few clicks - onboarding has never been so easy.


LendisOS allows you to keep an eye on all orders and the status of deliveries. This gives employees and administrators the necessary transparency and reduces time-consuming interactions.


Approvals or releases by administrators or supervisors can be added to the order process. The administrators or supervisors receive a notification that an order is available for approval and can release it with a click.

Corporate Design

LendisOS is flexible, which means the software can be easily adapted to your corporate design. For your employees, it feels as if they are using the company's own platform.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management (MDM) provides various functions for inventorying, configuring, managing and protecting mobile devices, which can be used on all registered devices.


Lendis offers you the possibility to easily integrate all your rented devices into your existing MDM, regardless of which MDM your organization uses, be it Microsoft Intune, BlackBerry, Jamf, Samsung Knox, Android Zero Touch or Azure Active Directory. (see also Hardware Staging)

User Management & Integrations

Employees and administrators can log in to LendisOS in various ways:


  • Login via a specific domain, i.e. the business e-mail address
  • Login via Magic Link
  • Single Sign On (SSO) with use of the employee's Google or Microsoft account
  • Login for selected employees


You can integrate the largest HRIS systems (BambooHR, Personio, Workday, hibob, etc.) and increase your productivity and onboarding experience. Users are seamlessly integrated into LendisOS, saving time and reducing effort.


If you have very specific requirements for the onboarding process, for example because you use systems such as ServiceNow, Coupa or Ariba, please contact us. LendisOS is highly customizable thanks to its modular structure.


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