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Office landscapes must increasingly meet communicative and collaborative requirements. Well-equipped conference and meeting rooms are becoming increasingly important. Whether team meetings, customer discussions, presentations or job interviews, the use cases of meeting rooms are manifold.

The requirements for conference and meeting rooms are correspondingly wide-ranging. This applies to the furnishings as well as the technical equipment of the rooms.

Suitable equipment for conference and meeting rooms

Choosing the right equipment starts with suitable furniture. In the age of digitalisation, the right conference room technology must also be provided.

Conference room furniture

Conference and meeting tables form the centre of the conference room. Here, the main concern is to provide sufficient space for all participants. If customers are also received in the rooms, the conference tables must also have a representative character and should reflect the quality of the work. In addition, there is the technical equipment of the conference tables. Integrated power sockets and network connections are useful so that participants can use work equipment for longer periods of time.

Conference chairs must above all be comfortable so that participants can sit comfortably and remain focused even during long meetings. Free-swinging conference chairs have proven their worth in most cases.

Technology for meeting rooms

The technical equipment of a conference or meeting room includes suitable presentation devices. In most cases, beamers are used for this purpose. The choice of the appropriate projector depends strongly on the local conditions. Incidence of light, size of the room, distance between meeting participants and screen, all these factors determine which model is best suited.

Customer meetings or meetings with colleagues at other locations are easily possible with a conference table. These mainly include video and voice telephony devices, which can be used to hold high-quality digital meetings quickly and easily.

Smartboards are becoming increasingly popular for teamwork or presentations in smaller groups. Thanks to a large touch display, projects can be worked on and planned simultaneously or results can be presented in a team.

How our customers can benefit when renting their conference furniture with Lendis

Lendis is the professional full-range supplier for the office. Whether office furniture or electronics, whether conference room, workstation or lounge area, the entire range for modern office equipment is available from Lendis - all from one source.

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Renting instead of buying means maximum flexibility. A new style, new employees or restructuring of the office landscape can quickly lead to a change in the need for furniture or technology. Thanks to our rental model, you can react flexibly to your needs at any time. You can easily return products you no longer need.

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The Lendis team provides competent support to customers and interested parties. Whether it's planning the optimal office furnishings, questions or problems regarding your rented conference furniture, we are always available for you.

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Avoid costly investments in office equipment. Instead, pay only a small rental amount from your monthly revenues. This way you secure your liquidity and are financially flexible for strategically important investments.