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Create order in the workplace with mobile pedestals

In addition to the basic equipment consisting of a desk, office chair and computer, many other utensils are used and documents are created during daily work. Many employees also have personal items at their workplace. To avoid clutter, there needs to be a way to always have all items within reach and neatly stored at the same time.

Roll containers - The mobile and space-saving solution

Mobile pedestals have established themselves as the ideal solution for this purpose in the office. This is because the mobile office pedestals create space-saving storage space at the desk for frequently used work materials and documents. Thanks to castors, they are easy to move and can be used flexibly elsewhere.
In the home office, mobile pedestals offer a simple and practical way to provide storage space even in small rooms.

The selection of mobile pedestals for the office desk is large. It is therefore important to ask what requirements the mobile pedestal should fulfil. Here are the most important points to consider when choosing the right mobile pedestal.


The size and number of drawers in the mobile pedestal should depend on what is to be stored.

As a rule, the height is between 55 and 70 centimetres. This means that the containers can easily be placed underneath standard desks. To be able to store A4 documents, the width should be at least 25 centimetres. Mobile pedestals with hanging files are specially designed for storing documents. Important documents can be stored safely and in a structured way.

If many other devices are used at the workplace, mobile pedestals at table height are a good choice. In this way, they can be used as table extensions to create space for a printer, for example.

Lockable roller containers

If important documents are to be stored in the roll container, it must be lockable. This protects the documents from unauthorised access. The same applies to personal items, which can also be stored in the office with a clear conscience.


As a rule, office containers are made of wood or metal. From a functional point of view, the material does not matter. Here it is mainly a question of design and maintenance. While containers made of metal usually look more noble, wood creates a homely feeling. In the end, however, the material should be oriented towards the basic room design.

There are differences in the care and cleaning of the different materials. Here you can find out more about the optimal cleaning and care of office furniture made of wood and metal.

Roll container hire with Lendis - your all-round carefree package

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Avoid high costs

Buying new or additional office equipment usually means high one-off investments. This is at the expense of your cash flow. At the same time, the highest possible and most secure liquidity is more important than ever. Instead of high one-off expenses, only low monthly payments are incurred with rent.

Find out more about the advantages of renting and how you can secure your cash flow through asset light.


Last but not least, with Lendis you benefit from a comprehensive and competent range of services. Whether office planning, delivery or assembly - we are happy to take care of everything necessary so that you can continue to focus on your business.