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Perfect feel-good atmosphere in the office with high-quality upholstered furniture

The days of sterile offices are over. Because most companies have recognised how important it is to create a pleasant working environment for employees and thus increase productivity. Upholstered furniture such as armchairs and sofas are perfect for bringing cosiness into your own four (office) walls. Upholstered seating furniture enhances the visual design on the one hand, and is significantly more comfortable than office chairs on the other, providing places with a high level of seating comfort.

Upholstered seating furniture is found as a seating group primarily in lounges and reception & waiting areas. But they are also used for furnishing meeting areas. After all, a comfortable seating group promotes communication and creativity among employees.

Create upholstered landscapes with armchairs and sofas

Pleasant upholstered landscapes can be created quickly with office chairs, sofas and stools. The individual pieces of furniture can be used in many different ways and in a variety of ways.

Armchair for the office

Together with a side table, armchairs in the office offer a comfortable alternative to the workplace. Switching from the office chair to the armchair often also enables a change of perspective. This new view helps with problem solving and promotes creative thinking.

Sofas for the office

Sofas can be used very well in open space. There, they create places to linger for a while, where short meetings with team colleagues can take place. Together with acoustic partitions, they can also be used to quickly create meeting islands that offer an additional meeting option without disturbing the rest of the office with noise.

Upholstered furniture rental - uncomplicated and fast with Lendis

Lendis promotes the asset light idea with its rental model. Rent modern and comfortable upholstered seating and benefit from numerous advantages with Lendis as your office equipment partner.


Thanks to the rental model, you have the greatest possible flexibility with regard to your office furniture. You decide for how long you need the chairs, couches and other office furniture. If you would like to use the products for longer, you can easily extend the rental period or make use of the hire purchase option.

Premium service

Customers of Lendis benefit from an all-round service. Starting with advice and planning of the office equipment to free delivery and expert assembly, you don't have to worry about anything else.

Product diversity

Save a lot of time searching and comparing the optimal office equipment. Whether it's high-quality and modern office furniture or powerful electronics for your employees - with us you'll find everything in one place.


Thanks to the rental of your office equipment, you save on high one-off payments and thus secure your liquidity. This allows you to invest the funds where they will serve your company's growth the most.