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The workplace is the centre of productivity in the office. Even though the trend in office space design is towards communicative and collaborative areas, the implementation of individual tasks takes place at the workplace. To do justice to this, the workplace must be equipped in such a way that productive and efficient work is possible. This requires high-quality office furniture on the one hand and powerful electronics on the other.

Matching office furniture for the workplace

Desk and chair

The basic equipment of the workplace includes an office desk and an office chair. In order to be able to work comfortably for several hours, high requirements apply to both in terms of ergonomics at the workplace. What these look like in detail is laid down in various DIN standards and guidelines, for example the Workplace Ordinance. The minimum requirements include an office desk with sufficient work surface, which can be adjusted in height if possible, and a swivel chair with adjustment options regarding seat height, backrest position and armrest.

Storage space at the workplace

Depending on the department, more or less storage space is needed at the workplace. Mobile pedestals have established themselves as space-saving helpers to store important and regularly used documents or private items within easy reach. If space is also needed for additional documents, there are various cabinet solutions. Most offices have filing cabinets and shelves for storing all document folders.

Matching office lighting

The right office lighting contributes to better work performance. Sufficient daylight has a motivating effect and increases the ability to concentrate. Floor and ceiling lamps provide sufficient basic lighting and increase well-being. Table lamps directly illuminate the work area and support focused work.

Acoustic Solutions

The trend towards open office spaces encourages colleagues to interact with each other, but at the same time leads to greater background noise in the office. A variety of different acoustic solutions provide improved sound insulation. For workplaces of employees who are in frequent contact with customers, table partitions are an effective way to reduce background noise.

Powerful electronics for the workplace

In addition to high-quality office furniture, employees also need the right office technology to be able to complete all tasks efficiently.

Computer - the minimum technical equipment

Working in the office is no longer possible without a computer. For a long time, desktop PCs were at every workplace, but today laptops are mostly used. Laptops can be easily transported and are therefore flexible to use anywhere in the office. Tablets are increasingly being used today as an alternative or additional solution.

Powerful technical equipment of the computers is particularly important in order to be able to perform even demanding tasks without any problems.


When working with desktop PCs, a monitor is absolutely necessary in order to be able to work with it. However, an external monitor is also a useful addition when working with a laptop that has a built-in monitor.
In order to work efficiently, at least 2 monitors are used at most workplaces today. Depending on the task, additional monitors can be useful.

Printers & Peripherals

Besides the basic equipment with computer and monitor, other electronic products help with the work.

In departments such as accounting or public authorities, a printer at the workplace makes sense because documents are printed regularly. This way, documents can be printed out immediately when needed and are ready to hand.

Peripheral devices help to perform tasks more efficiently and comfortably. These include an external keyboard and mouse, which can also contribute to improved ergonomics. Headsets make the work of employees who regularly make phone calls more comfortable. Passive or active noise isolation facilitates focused work.

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Renting instead of buying can help you secure liquidity. Instead of high, one-off capital expenditure, you pay a small monthly rental amount. This way you secure your cash flow and remain flexible in strategic investment matters.