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With Lendis, you rent high-quality table and floor lamps for your employees' office and home office and ensure optimal lighting during work. Learn more about renting with Lendis

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Fast delivery

Fast delivery from stock within a few days to your desired address

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Rent office equipment flexibly and adapt it to your current needs at any time.

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Lendis takes care of
installation, maintenance and insurance.

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Equip your employees with technology and furniture as quickly as never before. Use Lendis OS for your company now and save a lot of work, time and money!

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More information about renting office lamps with Lendis

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What are the advantages of renting with Lendis?

Lendis is more than just your office lighting rental company. With Lendis, you get an all-in-one solution to professionally equip your office areas and the home offices of your employees.

At Lendis you get:

Professional lamps for office and home office

In order to be able to work productively and with concentration, adequate lighting is necessary. Occupational health and safety has also recognised this and defined corresponding regulations for optimal lighting in the office.

At Lendis you will find a selected range of lamps for the office. You can choose from table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling washlights. While you can create individual lighting at the workplace with table lamps, you can create pleasant ambient lighting for individual work areas with floor lamps and ceiling washlights. You can also work with other elements such as wall lamps to create additional accents.

Additional equipment for a productive workspace

A professional working environment does not only include appropriate office lighting. An electrically height-adjustable desk and a high-quality swivel chair are the first step towards an ergonomic workplace. Shelves, mobile pedestals and office cabinets complete it.

Modern technology then enables productive work and collaboration with colleagues. Basic equipment today includes a laptop or desktop computer, a monitor and other peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse.

With Lendis, all office equipment can be rented flexibly and cheaply. This eliminates the time-consuming search for the right provider and comparison of prices, freeing up resources for other tasks.

Fast delivery & expert assembly

To keep the effort on the side of our customers as low as possible, you will not only find high-quality office furniture and technology at Lendis. We also take care of the entire logistics for your order. We usually deliver your office lamps and other desired products within 14 days - and thus much faster than most other suppliers. On site, occupational health and safety requires professional assembly of the office furniture. Our logistics team also takes care of this.

Personal service

During the entire rental period, a personal contact person will be at your side. Do you have problems with your office lighting or other products? Do you need repair or maintenance? Or do you have general questions? Then simply get in touch with your contact person.

For this type of request, you can easily use the digital Lendis platform. You can briefly describe the problem and then send it directly to the appropriate part of the Lendis team. They will take care of your request within 48 hours.

Digital management

In addition to the simple procurement of your office equipment, as a Lendis customer you have free access to the Lendis platform. With the platform, managing your office inventory will be child's play in the future.

You can see all the products in the company at any time. For an even better overview, you can assign products to locations, work areas or even employees and know exactly where which items are located.

Users of the Lendis platform can also order additional products with just a few clicks. Thanks to digital processes, everything else is triggered automatically and you receive your products within a few days.

Sustainable office equipment

Renting office lamps, office desks and co. with Lendis contributes to more sustainability in the office. How? By offsetting all CO2 emissions that arise in connection with the rental of our office equipment. For this purpose, we work together with Planetly and support various projects worldwide. As a result, you as a customer receive 100 per cent sustainable office furniture and make a contribution to more climate protection.

Why rent instead of buying?

Irrespective of the extensive range of services you receive when renting with Lendis, the rental model also offers a number of advantages for you and your company.


In contrast to buying, the rental model gives you maximum flexibility at all times. You don't pay a one-off high purchase price for your office equipment, but only a small monthly rent. Are you not satisfied with a product? Then return it without complications? Your company is growing and you need additional equipment? No problem. You simply rent everything you need for your office or your employees. This way you always adapt everything to your current needs and only pay for what you actually use. Especially for young companies, renting is a simple, scalable alternative to traditional procurement.

Tax benefits

In contrast to purchase, rental expenses count as operating expenses(OpEx instead of CapEx). This leads to a different tax treatment of the expenses. This is because operating expenses can be fully deducted for tax purposes in the period in which they are incurred. As a rule, this is to the advantage of the company.