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Furniture for the break room - Rent instead of buying with Lendis

To recharge your batteries during the working day or to clear your head after concentrated work, regular breaks are important and beneficial to your health. Appropriately designed break rooms help to stay productive.

As a professional office supplier, Lendis provides you with everything you need to design your break and lounge areas. In addition, you benefit from numerous advantages offered by our rental model.


In order to regularly meet the changing requirements for the design and furnishing of office space, a high degree of flexibility is of great importance. Otherwise, this can quickly become a costly affair. With Lendis and the rental of your office furnishings, you can react easily and quickly to changes in your needs. Whether it's workstations for new employees, restructuring the open-plan area or adding to your break rooms, with Lendis you can easily rent new furniture and return products that are no longer in use.

Planning and design of break areas

Break and recreation rooms should follow the style of the company in their design. Nevertheless, they should be visually noticeably different from the work areas. This makes it possible to quickly switch from work to break mode. What specifically serves as a break room can vary. Whether it is a suitably designed kitchen, lounge area or a separate room, the possibilities are many.

Our experts will be happy to support you in planning office break areas and advise you on the choice of suitable furniture and equipment.

Extensive range of breakroom furniture

The design and furnishings focus on the feel-good factor and a pleasant atmosphere. This is the only way employees can really switch off during their break. Chairs and sofas can be used to create relaxed seating landscapes that invite employees to linger. Standing tables and bar stools create a communicative atmosphere and promote exchange between employees. This also allows for short meetings that do not necessarily have to take place in conference or meeting rooms. The use of partition walls and acoustic furniture helps to structure the rooms, provides sound reduction and thus reduces the background noise that can quickly increase in break areas.

With electrical appliances, you provide additional comfort. Refrigerators can store food you bring along for the break. Coffee machines provide hot drinks for an afternoon energy boost.

In addition, you can increase motivation by offering snacks and drinks. This leads to higher employee satisfaction and ultimately also promotes productivity.

In our range you will find everything you need to equip your break rooms. Furniture, acoustic solutions and electrical equipment are all available from a single source at Lendis. We will be happy to advise you on the choice of suitable products.

All-round service

Lendis is your full-service partner for all aspects of office equipment. We take care of all tasks that arise. After a comprehensive consultation in advance, we deliver the office furniture and assemble it on site. If you have any questions or problems during the rental period, our staff are always available to help. Lendis also takes care of the collection of items that are no longer in use.

Reduced investment risk

Renting instead of buying means avoiding high capital expenditure and securing your company's liquidity. Instead of high one-off payments, you only have to pay low monthly rental fees, which you pay out of your sales revenues. This increases your financial leeway for strategically important investments.