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With our innovative software solution, we simplify the way companies select, procure & manage their work equipment and focus on what matters - the success of the business.

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About us

Our vision

The way to work - Since 2018, Lendis has been revolutionising the way companies organise their workspaces.


At Lendis, we offer an innovative B2B software solution that makes it easy for companies to select, manage and administer their work equipment through a simple rental model. With one click, companies can rent their entire work equipment, from ergonomic office chairs to laptops, including the appropriate software, in a flexible and sustainable way. Whether in the office with colleagues or relaxed in the home office - we ensure that every employee has the best working experience, every day!

About Lendis - Our Vision
Career at Lendis - Our investors

Support from
Top investors

We are delighted to have strong investors on board to help us fulfil our vision of transforming the way we work tomorrow. HV Ventures, DN Capital and Picus Capital are among Europe's leading venture capital investors and support us with broad PropTech and FinTech expertise.

Our management

About Lendis - Stavros Papadopoulos

Stavros Papadopoulos

Co-Founder & Managing Director
About Lendis - Julius Bolz

Julius Bolz

Co-Founder & Managing Director
About Lendis - Camilla Lichti

Camilla Lichti

VP Product
About Lendis - Jonathan Moreira

Jonathan Moreira Zuvic

Chief Technology Officer
About Lendis - Armin Schriewer

Armin Schriewer

Chief Financial Officer
About Lendis - Eric Grieben

Eric greaves

Chief Operating Officer
About Lendis - Konrad Lange

Konrad Lange

Chief Commercial Officer
About Lendis - Dirk Matthecka

Dirk Matthecka

Head of Business Intelligence
About Lendis - Dirk Matthecka

Greg Micyk

Head of Growth

Our history

Start of the Lendis test phase
July 2018
Seed investment in the millions
June 2021
> 100 employees
May 2018
Foundation Lendis
March 2019
> 50,000 workspaces equipped
October 2021

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