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Table partitions - versatile acoustic elements

While partitions optimise the acoustics of entire rooms, table partitions can be used individually at individual workstations or team desks. The additional sound insulation is particularly helpful for employees who have to work in a particularly concentrated manner, but also for employees who tend to make more noise, for example when working in sales or customer service. Furthermore, an acoustic desk partition provides privacy for employees. Whether in an open-plan or multi-person office, desk partitions contribute to soundproofed and thus productive work.

Additional functions

Desk dividers can be easily mounted on existing office desks. To do this, they are attached either frontally or laterally to the respective desk. The height can be flexibly adjusted using the special bracket. Workplaces can thus be shielded from each other with little effort and employees can work without distraction. To organise the workplace even better, mountable shelves can be used.


Acoustic desk partitions are available in numerous colours, sizes and materials. In addition to their functional benefit, they can visually enhance the office as a design element. While opaque partitions sharpen concentration, transparent solutions offer open design options.
Rent acoustic partitions instead of buying them - your advantage with Lendis
Rent your acoustic partitions for desks and many other acoustic furniture with Lendis and benefit from numerous advantages:

Professional advice

Especially in the area of acoustic solutions, professional advice is necessary in advance to find the right equipment for the individual conditions in the respective office. We will be happy to support you and find the optimal solution together.


Renting gives you greater flexibility in equipping your office space compared to buying. React to your current needs for acoustic elements and office furniture in an uncomplicated way at any time.

Here you can find more information about the advantages of renting compared to buying or leasing.

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