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Lendis supports you with the DGUV 3 test - so you meet the legal requirements for the safety of electrical devices

What is DGUV 3?

DGUV Regulation 3 (DGUV 3, formerly BGV A3) is a statutory accident prevention regulation for the safety of electrical systems and equipment, issued by the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV). 


All companies and public institutions are obliged to demonstrate compliance with this regulation by regularly testing electrical equipment.


All portable objects that are electrically "operated" or used for information processing and transmission must be tested - in simple terms, all devices with a plug.


Applied to the modern workplace, the following items must be checked:

  • Furniture: Electrically height-adjustable desk and desk lamp
  • Electronics: laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse, smartphone, tablet and headphones


The test must be carried out for objects in the office as well as in the home office ("teleworking place") and must be carried out by a trained electrician: in public institutions every 12 months, in private companies every 24 months.

How does Lendis support DGUV 3?

Lendis supports companies in the implementation of DGUV 3. Thanks to the Lendis partner network, DGUV 3 can be carried out in the office or at employees' homes throughout Germany. This applies to Lendis products, but also to products that are already owned by the company.


The Lendis test is carried out in accordance with DIN VDE 0701-0702. The scope of testing includes:

  • Visual inspection
  • Measurement of protective conductor resistance
  • Measurement of insulation resistance or residual current measurement
  • Measurement of protective conductor current and touch current
  • Creating and attaching an inspection sticker with the date of the next inspection


The DGUV 3 inspection is carefully documented by Lendis and thus ensures that companies comply with the legal obligation to provide evidence.


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