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Furniture & technology for your workspaces

Everything for a productive working environment

Equipment for meetings in a relaxed atmosphere

Furniture & technology for effective meetings

Everything for a productive working environment

Modern furniture for a stylish reception area

Perfect equipment for relaxing breaks

Everything for concentrated work in the open-plan office

Manage your office equipment with the Lendis platform

When you rent with Lendis, you also get access to the Lendis platform. Via the platform, you can independently rent additional products, clearly manage your office inventory and clarify support requests.

Rent furnishings for office space instead of buying

Today's requirements for the design of modern offices are high. The different office areas must be structured functionally, comfortably and practically according to their use. Only then can employees achieve the greatest possible productivity on a daily basis.

At Lendis, all companies, from start-ups to large corporations, have the opportunity to rent office equipment and technology for the various office areas at a reasonable price. Over 500 customers already use our service and benefit from the numerous advantages of renting office equipment.


The requirements for office space are constantly changing. Companies regularly have to react to new trends and technology, the number of employees or a new corporate design. Renting offers significantly more flexibility than buying. Additionally required products can be easily added and are available within a short time. Rented items can be returned or exchanged without any problems.

Office planning

Planning and equipping office space is a complex and time-consuming project. Today, creating a productive working environment requires more than just a well-equipped workplace.

Today, the office fulfils numerous functions that must be taken into account when planning and choosing products. Ergonomic office tables and desk chairs are minimum requirements for fixed or flexible workplaces. Together with powerful laptops, they create the basis for productive work. High-quality conference furniture and modern communication and presentation technology in conference rooms give your teams the opportunity to work efficiently on projects and present progress. Sensibly structured open space areas are the control centre of the office. Here, colleagues can exchange ideas and work together. Thanks to suitable acoustic solutions such as acoustic furniture and partition walls, background noise is efficiently minimised. Lounge areas with comfortable seating offer a relaxed atmosphere for meetings and short breaks. With break rooms, you provide your employees with a place to quickly switch from work to break mode and thus gather energy for further tasks. Last but not least, homely reception areas convey a positive image to your guests.

You want to restructure your office or move into a new office and are looking for support in planning your space concept? Lendis supports you in your project. Together we plan your new office and advise you on the choice of suitable office furnishings so that your office space offers a contemporary working environment.

High quality and high performance products for your office space

Lendis offers an extensive range of office furnishings and electronics to help you choose the right furniture. This is how you give your office a very personal character.


Our modern and powerful electronic products ensure the necessary efficiency at work. State-of-the-art laptops and tower PCs help to complete even demanding tasks with ease. Smartboards enable digital collaboration in meetings. With beamers and conference room technology, you can equip conference rooms appropriately for project presentations and meetings with customers.

Get additional free upgrades for laptops, tablets and smartphones. After 24 months at the latest, you will receive the latest model for your rented equipment and thus always work with the latest technology.

Office Equipment

The range of office furnishings includes everything needed to equip your office in a modern way. Ergonomic tables and chairs offer sufficient comfort even for long periods of work. This is how you promote the productivity and health of your employees.

Seating furniture and office cabinets in modern design create a feel-good atmosphere. Our acoustic solutions such as acoustic chairs, sofas and partitions help to structure the rooms and also provide sound insulation to minimise background noise in busy areas.

Games and sports equipment offer employees the opportunity to keep fit during working hours and to switch off quickly during breaks.

Full Service Partner

Our product range is complemented by a comprehensive service. In addition to office planning, Lendis also takes care of the delivery and assembly of your desired products. If you have any questions or problems, our competent advisors are always at your disposal. We also take care of the collection of products that you no longer need.

cash flow

Thanks to the rental model, high investments in your office equipment are no longer necessary. Instead, you only have to pay low monthly rental fees, which you pay out of your revenues. This reduces the cash outflow and creates financial leeway. In addition, you secure your liquidity, which is particularly important in times of crisis.