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Improve room acoustics with acoustic solutions

Up to 60 decibels are measured in many offices. The result is enormous noise pollution that affects the health and performance of your colleagues. Occupational health and safety therefore places certain requirements on noise protection in the office. But it's not only for legal reasons that you should pay attention to the room acoustics in your office. Investing in suitable acoustic solutions and less noise will lead to greater satisfaction and productivity among your colleagues in the long term.

Where are acoustic solutions needed?

The requirements for room acoustics vary depending on the work area, but the goal is always the same - a quiet working atmosphere.

Open plan office

The open-plan office is becoming increasingly common in modern working environments. At the same time, it poses the greatest challenge in terms of room acoustics. Because on the one hand, all people should be able to work in a focused and concentrated manner. On the other hand, the open space should also function as a place of exchange and promote cooperation between employees.

To achieve the necessary noise protection and improve acoustics, a mixture of room-related and individual acoustic solutions is needed.

Multi-person offices

In offices for teams and groups of up to 6 people, it is important to equip the individual workstations so that each employee can work in a concentrated manner. This is particularly necessary when colleagues are in regular contact by telephone. Workplace-specific solutions provide sufficient protection for the remaining persons.

Conference room

Conference rooms are used in different ways, whether for brainstorming, presentations or project planning. With regard to room acoustics, the goal is to prevent disturbing noises from outside so that meeting participants find a productive and creative working environment.

Reception area

Guests, whether clients or applicants, are regular visitors to the office. An attractive reception area makes a good first impression. To ensure that the resulting background noise does not disturb the employees at work, the reception area must also be taken into account when planning the acoustics. At the same time, the acoustic elements must be adapted to the design in order to create a harmonious visual image.

Types of acoustic elements

If structural measures on the office space are not (or no longer) possible, a large number of different acoustic elements are available for room acoustics.

Free-standing partition walls / room dividers

Mobile sound partitions prevent noise from spreading unhindered. Thanks to castors, they are freely movable and can be used flexibly wherever they are needed.

In addition, the partitions can be used as room dividers to structure open office spaces. In addition to their sound-absorbing function, they also provide privacy.

Table partitions

Table partitions are used directly at the workplace. There, they separate individual places from each other and isolate the employee from disturbing noises. In addition, they provide more privacy at the workplace as a visual screen.

Acoustic armchairs & sofas

Acoustic armchairs and acoustic sofas shield you from noise with their raised backrest. This makes them a comfortable retreat for focused work or exchanging ideas with colleagues.

Meeting islands

As a room-within-a-room solution, meeting islands in offices without or with few conference rooms offer an additional meeting option that is easy to set up. The surrounding acoustic walls reduce the noise coming from the outside and minimise the noise incidence - for productive meetings.

Ceiling tiles

As the name suggests, these are acoustic elements that are attached to the ceiling. These are either screwed or glued directly to the ceiling. Ceiling tiles are relatively easy to retrofit. They ensure that sound is not reflected from ceiling surfaces.

Ceiling canopy

Ceiling sails are large-area sound absorbers that are also attached to the ceiling at a small distance. Since they have to be mounted, they are less suitable for rented office spaces.

Wall panels

Analogous to acoustic elements for the ceiling, wall panels are attached to the side walls and prevent reflections on the walls. A wide range of colours is available so that the wall panels also visually match the design of the rooms. Alternatively, the panels are also functional and can be used, for example, as a pin board or planning surface.

Advantages of renting with Lendis

Lendis takes as much of the work out of setting up the office as possible. Our range of services for renting office equipment is correspondingly extensive.

Wide product range

At Lendis you will find a wide range of acoustic solutions and elements for your office space. At the moment you can rent comfortably with Lendis

  • Acoustic partition walls
  • Table partitions
  • Acoustic furniture such as acoustic chairs and sofas and meeting islands
  • Acoustic columns

We regularly expand our product selection. If you need a certain product but can't find it in our shop, please contact us. We can usually get most of the items for you.

Complete equipment from a single source

Of course, acoustic elements are not the end of the story. We offer everything you need to professionally equip your office or home office - all from a single source. This saves you the time-consuming search for a suitable supplier for each individual product.

Both office furniture and technology for the office are available in our shop. So whether it's a desk, office chair, laptop or technology for the conference room, you're sure to find what you're looking for at Lendis.

Fast delivery, professional assembly

After you have found your desired products for office acoustics, we take care of the delivery and installation of all acoustic elements. With a delivery time of mostly 14 days, we are significantly faster than many other suppliers. Thanks to the professional installation by our team, you don't have to worry about occupational health and safety.

Personal contact person

Even during the rental period, we don't leave you alone. A personal contact person is always on hand to answer questions or solve problems. You can also clarify maintenance requests directly with your personal contact.

You can use the Lendis platform to easily process your request. Just briefly describe what it's about. The request will be sent directly to the appropriate office. Of course, you can also reach us by phone, email or chat.

Advantages of renting

As a full-service provider, Lendis takes care of the entire process for your office equipment so that you have time to concentrate on the essentials. In addition, you benefit from other advantages that the rental model brings with it.


Renting office furniture, technology and acoustic solutions gives you the flexibility needed in today's business world. When buying office equipment, there is a risk that existing inventory will not be used. This unnecessarily ties up capital in the company that can be used for other investments (read more about working capital management here).

With rental, on the other hand, you can adapt the equipment to your company's current needs at any time.

  • New employees need their basic equipment?
  • Do you want to equip your employees for remote work?
  • You want to restructure your office to be ready for the challenges of hybrid work?

No problem! You simply rent everything else and return the products you no longer need. We take care of it.

Tax advantages

Another advantage is the different tax treatment of rental expenses compared to investments when purchasing. Rental expenses count as business expenses. These can be claimed in full for tax purposes in the period incurred, whereas capital expenditure is only depreciated pro rata over the useful life. This usually has financial advantages for your business.