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More about renting office desks with Lendis

Table of contents

  1. Office desks for your office in a large selection
    1. Desks
    2. Conference tables
    3. High & bar tables
    4. Side tables
    5. What distinguishes office desks from Lendis?
  2. The end of ownership - Why you will only rent instead of buy in future
    1. Flexibility at all times
    2. Secure liquidity in the company
  3. Rent office desks with Lendis - what sets us apart from other providers?
    1. High quality products
    2. Rent office desks when you need them
    3. Premium support at all times
    4. Support sustainability

Office desks for your office - in a large selection

Office tables are often equated with desks. However, in order to furnish the office optimally, high-quality tables are needed in other areas as well. Our range of office tables consists of 4 categories. This gives you the opportunity to find the right product for every area. In this way, you can ensure productivity on the one hand and a pleasant atmosphere on the other.

Category Areas of application

A high-quality office desk forms the basis for a productive working environment, whether in the office or home office. Various factors play a role in choosing the right desk.

Depending on the tasks and the equipment and utensils required for them(laptop, monitor, writing pads, ...), the desk must first have a sufficiently large surface area. Experience shows that the width should be at least 160 cm and the depth at least 80 cm.

For ergonomic reasons, the height of the desk should be based on the height of the employee. The optimal desk height is between 66 cm (for a height of 160 cm) and 78 cm (for a height of 190 cm). Height-adjustable desks (electric or mechanical) are the perfect choice to enable employees to adjust their desks individually or to work standing up. Together with professional desk chairs, they ensure optimal ergonomics at the workplace.

Today, high-quality office desks are equipped with cable management and a matching recess in the desk top. This helps to avoid clutter caused by cables.

Useful accessories for workstation desks are table dividers. These can be used to separate the workplaces of several employees from each other. This provides privacy and reduces acoustics in the open office.

Conference tables

Meetings are an integral part of today's working world. Conference and meeting tables are correspondingly necessary.

Conference tables offer sufficient space in the conference room for all participants on site. Since they often also serve representative purposes, a high-quality and noble design often plays an equally important role. Tables made of metal are suitable for this purpose.

Small meeting tables with space for 4 to 6 people can be used well in open space or lounge areas. They are suitable for short consultations or team meetings.

High & bar tables

High and standing tables are used in many ways in the office. They can be placed flexibly in kitchens and break rooms. In open spaceand lounge areas, they are an additional meeting alternative or option for working while standing.

Side tables

As a means of interior design, the choice of side tables is more oriented towards a modern design. Side tables are the perfect addition to the lounge area.

What distinguishes office desks from Lendis?

To offer our customers only the best office desks, we work exclusively with premium manufacturers. Only tables that combine comfort and ergonomics make it into our range and thus ensure an optimal working environment, whether in the office or home office.

Our office tables are made of wood or metal. For tables made of wood, we make sure that wood from sustainable cultivation is used. Office tables from Lendis come in the classic colours white, black or brown for an industrial look.

The end of ownership - Why you will only rent instead of buy in the future!

Renting office furniture such as office desks has been enjoying a strong growth in demand for quite some time and is experiencing a real boom, not least due to the Corona crisis. In an ever more rapidly changing business and working world, the rental model is the key to being able to react quickly to changes at any time.

These arguments speak in favour of renting office desks:

Flexibility at all times

Thanks to the rental concept, companies remain flexible at all times and can easily react to the current need for office desks and other office equipment. If your company grows faster than forecast, you can easily rent additional workstations. In this way, your office grows scalably with your company.

Secure liquidity in the company

Regardless of the type and size of the company - buying office furniture is an investment that often ties up needed capital. Renting eliminates the financing risk. Instead, you rent office furniture on a monthly basis. You pay the instalments from current revenues. You can easily return products you no longer use and only pay for what you actually use. This protects your cash flow and frees up financial resources for other projects.

Rent office desks with Lendis - what sets us apart from other providers?

Our approach goes beyond simply renting out desks and other office equipment. Rather, we offer our clients a holistic approach. We support you from start to finish with your project. So you can handle the entire lifecycle of your office equipment with Lendis.

High quality products

At Lendis you will find a wide range of different tables for your office. At the same time, we limit ourselves to a manageable number of products. You can trust that we have selected the best products for you.

Of course, our staff will be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable desks. Our floor plan helps you to get an idea of the fully furnished office in advance. This simplifies the selection of the required furniture.

Rent office desks when you need them

Often in life, everything has to happen very quickly at once. But when it comes to purchasing desks for the office, this is often difficult. In order to offer our customers the right products quickly, we have a large number of our office tables in stock. This enables us to provide immediate delivery times. Our network of reliable and professional logistics and assembly partners also ensures that your desired products are expertly assembled in your office or the home office of your employees within a few days.

Premium support at all times

After you have received your tables, chairs and technology, your project is of course not over for us. With our customer care team, we are also at your side during the entire rental period. Whether you have questions about a product, maintenance or repairs, your personal contact will support you immediately.

All services are conveniently handled via our platform. You have an overview of your entire inventory at all times. You can send requests directly to us via the support area of the platform. This allows us to process your request as quickly as possible.

Support sustainability

Renting office desks instead of buying also contributes to more sustainability and climate protection. At the end of the rental period, our office cabinets, acoustic furniture and other furniture are refurbished to a high standard. They are then rented out again. In this way, we promote the circular economy and help to save resources. In addition, we compensate for all CO2 emissions caused by renting out our products within the framework of various climate projects. Our customers thus receive 100 per cent sustainable office furniture.