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Lendis OS

Onboard teams anywhere in minutes

The fastest electronics and furniture onboarding ever.


Save a ton of effort, time and money now!

Instant onboarding

Save a ton of
work, time and money

Just a few clicks and you're done. We take care of the equipment, delivery, software licences and everything in between. In other words: smaller workload, higher productivity.
Centralized management

Forget Excel spreadsheets and emails

One tool to manage everything. Forget about Excel spreadsheets, email ping-pong and other time-eaters. Instead, you'll have more time to focus on more important projects. Or to just relax.
Immediately ready for use

Maximize productivity from the get-go

All electronics come ready-to-use. No employee has to waste time on installing and updating applications. Once they've set up their password, they can get going. That's happy and productive employees from day 1.
Ideal working environments

Boost employee retention

Office, home office, remote? Check, check and check. Just pre-select the equipment available to your employees and let them pick their favorites. Then watch them thrive in ideal workspaces. Fostering employee retention has never been easier.
Smaller carbon footprint

Reduce CO2 emissions

Want to cut down your carbon footprint? We can help you with that. Our equipment is shipped from local sources. And you can choose refurbished equipment to prolong the products' lifecycle. An easy way to reduce your CO2 emissions. And costs, by the way.

Two plans, so many advantages

Lendis OS comes in two different plans: Business and Premium. Premium offers even more advantages for your company. You can compare everything here.

Lendis OS Business

3,90 €
monthly per user

Lendis OS Premium

5,90 €
monthly per user
Monthly subscription
Per email address
Per single sign-on (Google, Microsoft)
Per email address
Predefined product range available to your employees 
Customize the product range available to your employees
Admin dashboard
Order overview
All orders of your employees
at a glance
Support Center
Corporate design
Apply your corporate design to Lendis OS
Assign different products and budgets to customizable groups
Define equipment bundles for your employees
Release process
Individual approval of your employees' orders

What our customers say


We would be happy to introduce you to the functions of the Lendis OS in a personal conversation or video call. You can book an appointment directly via this link: Book a demo here


If you are interested, you can use the Lendis OS for a monthly fee of € 3.90 (Business) or € 5.90 per user.

Rental requests that you and your colleagues make via the Lendis OS will be processed particularly quickly. As a rule, it takes a maximum of 48 hours until the order is executed.