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With Lendis you can rent modern telephone and meeting boxes easily and flexibly and create additional meeting facilities and places of retreat for concentrated work in your office. Learn more about renting with Lendis

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Fast delivery

Fast delivery from stock within a few days to your desired address

Full flexibility

Rent office equipment flexibly and adapt it to your current needs at any time.

Complete service

Lendis takes care of
installation, maintenance and insurance.

Onboard teams anywhere in minutes

Equip your employees with technology and furniture as quickly as never before. Use Lendis OS for your company now and save a lot of work, time and money!

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Telephone boxes for the office - Less noise. Less stress. Full concentration!

Many companies nowadays rely on open-plan offices. Short distances and improved communication lead to more productivity. At the same time, there is higher noise pollution, which not only endangers productivity but also the health of your employees. (More on noise protection in the office). Office Phone Booths are the flexible room-in-room solution for the office and the challenges of the modern working world.

As "telephone booths for the office", they offer an ideal, space-saving retreat for telephone calls or concentrated work. As meeting boxes with space for up to 6 people, they are the ideal and easy-to-install alternative to conference and meeting rooms.

Telephone boxes from Lendis: Soundproof retreat for your employees

We manufacture high-quality telephone and meeting boxes that meet the current requirements of a modern equipped workplace and conference room.

What features do acoustic boxes from Lendis have?

Improved acoustics

The double glazing and sound-absorbing materials have a sound-absorbing effect and turn the boxes into soundproof booths in the office. Noise is reduced by up to 35 dB.

Modern connections

All our room-in-room solutions have modern connections. Thanks to the 230V socket, you can supply power to laptops, smartphones and tablets. USB and Ethernet ports provide the necessary connectivity for all devices. The LED lighting with presence detector ensures optimal lighting conditions during work.

Fresh air

Each acoustic box has an integrated ventilation system. Within a few minutes, the air inside the telephone booth is completely circulated - this guarantees fresh air at all times.

High quality technology

Depending on the model, our meeting boxes have a 31.5 inch monitor. This means that video conferences and presentations are also possible without any problems and your employees are equipped for digital collaboration with colleagues at other locations and in the home office.

Useful additional equipment

With our Cooling and Privacy options, you can additionally equip the telephone booths with air conditioning and glass doors with activatable frosted glass function. This ensures pleasant temperatures and additional privacy.


All our telephone boxes are built from sustainable 100% FSC-certified wood. In this way, we would like to make our contribution to the sustainable use of resources.

Renting telephone boxes instead of buying them - What are the advantages?

Setting up your own office is a complex and challenging task that goes beyond the mere procurement of products. Office-as-a-Service with Lendis ensures that your project is a success. In addition to high-quality products, we take care of everything for which you have little time.

This is how you benefit when renting your telephone and meeting booths with Lendis.

Remain flexible at all times with desired term

Once you have decided on one of our telephone boxes, choose your individual desired term of between 6 and 60 months. Depending on the chosen duration, the price for the monthly rental is reduced. After completion of the rental, we deliver the boxes immediately. As a rule, our telephone boxes are already in your office after 10 days.

If required, you can easily rent additional acoustic solutions or office furniture. Lendis customers use the Lendis platform for this purpose. You can easily cancel acoustic boxes you no longer need at the end of the month.

Complete service from a single source

Lendis takes care of everything from start to finish. Together we check the spatial conditions on site and find the right box for your office. We organise the logistics and take your deadlines into account. On site, we take care of the quick and professional assembly of the boxes. If something does break, we ensure that the telephone boxes are repaired in good time.

Secure liquidity

Thanks to the rental model, there are no high initial payments (CapEx). Instead, you pay only small monthly instalments (OpEx). This puts only a small strain on your cash flow and leaves you liquid for other investments (read more about the advantages of OpEx over CapEx here).