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Fast delivery from stock within a few days to your desired address


Rent office equipment flexibly and adapt it to your current needs at any time.


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Manage your office equipment with the Lendis platform

When you rent with Lendis, you also get access to the Lendis platform. Via the platform, you can independently rent additional products, clearly manage your office inventory and clarify support requests.

Office furniture and technology for open space - rent instead of buy with Lendis

The design of office landscapes has changed considerably in recent years. Offices are increasingly seen as meeting places for employees and are designed with a lounge character. The open space area has a special role to play here, as it must allow for concentrated work as well as creative exchange.

Lendis can support you with the appropriate design and furnishing of your Open Space. Over 500 customers already use our service and rent their office equipment with Lendis. They benefit from numerous advantages.


With our rental service, you can react to changes in your needs at any time. A key advantage of open space areas is the flexibility to quickly restructure them if desired. You want to expand the meeting area or need more mobile workstations. Rent your office equipment with Lendis and book new or additional products or return those you no longer want.

Plan and furnish open-plan offices professionally

Enabling both concentrated work and communication in the open office poses special challenges for planning and furnishing. The open-plan space must be structured in such a way that meetings are possible without distracting colleagues from their work.

Do you want to redesign your open-plan area to meet the requirements of modern office collaboration? Together with you, our competent staff will plan your open-plan space and advise you on the choice of suitable office furniture and office technology.

Suitable products for every purpose

Our range offers everything that is necessary for the optimal furnishing of the office. You get everything from a single source and save time and nerves searching for the right equipment.

Provide structure

The right structure is the key to making the open office with its different facets a productive place. Partitions serve as room dividers and at the same time ensure improved acoustics in the office. Office cabinets such as highboards and sideboards are stylish elements that create additional storage space. Office plants not only support the interior design, but also contribute to better indoor air.

Mobile in the office

Instead of separate individual offices, the trend is towards flexible workplaces in open space. Yet the open-plan office still has a bad reputation. It is usually associated with large office spaces and high noise levels, with employees crowding together at desks to make maximum use of the space. Instead, employees in modern offices have a wide range of work options. If desired, the workplace can also be changed daily. This provides new input and promotes creativity.

Working together productively

Communication and collaboration are the keywords for contemporary office design. Meeting possibilities in a relaxed atmosphere can be created with comfortable seating furniture. Lounge sofas and armchairs can be combined to create seating landscapes and thus create the ideal setting for team and project meetings.

Places of rest and relaxation

Acoustic furniture not only provides sound insulation due to its raised design. In addition, they also create privacy and are often used for short breaks or private conversations.

All-round service

Lendis sees itself as a full-service partner. Our aim is to take most of the work out of equipping your office. After planning, we take care of the delivery and assembly of your office furniture. If you have any questions or problems, our employees are always at your side. If you no longer need a product, we will also take care of the collection.

cash flow

If you rent office equipment instead of buying it, you can avoid high capital expenditure. You tie up less capital, which secures liquidity in the company. At the same time, your company has more capital available for strategically important investments. You pay the low rental rates out of the monthly revenues.