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Why it's best to rent your smartboards with Lendis?

Lendis offers a comprehensive range of modern office equipment, both for office furnishing and for equipping with the latest technology. With our rental model, more than 500 customers now benefit from numerous advantages.

State-of-the-art electronics

The speed at which technology is developing continues to increase. Always working with the latest hardware poses great challenges and, above all, high expenses for companies. Our rental model gives you the flexibility to react to changing technology requirements at any time and to return outdated electronics and switch to the latest smartboards without high costs.

Conserve cash flow

Our rental model means you avoid high initial costs for setting up your office. Instead of large one-off payments, you only pay a small amount each month, which you cover from your revenues. This way you secure your liquidity and can focus on your core business.

Changing demands on modern office landscapes

Flexible working models, such as working in a home office, are becoming increasingly important. Here, employees can complete their tasks in a concentrated manner. The office is increasingly used as a meeting place for employees as well as for meetings and discussions.
Companies must therefore design the office space in such a way that productive collaboration is promoted. Consequently, meeting places with suitable equipment must be created in the office. In addition to comfortable seating and noise-reducing acoustic solutions, suitable technology is also needed for collaboration.

A modern solution is provided by digital whiteboards (also called smartboards), which combine the functions of a computer and the classic whiteboard and thus enable easy teamwork.

Smartboard - the optimal meeting tool

Smartboards are the optimal solution for presenting, brainstorming and planning projects because they have numerous modern features.

Smart display

Smartboards have very large touch displays. It is easy to write on the touch displays, even with several people at the same time. Notes, sketches and project plans can be easily recorded. The big advantage is that all documents are immediately stored digitally, either on the device itself or directly in the cloud. Time-consuming copying of the contents for one's own records or photographing of the results is no longer necessary.

Intelligent features

Smartboards come from well-known brands like Google, Microsoft or Samsung. Each manufacturer offers its own intelligent features. Google Jamboards, for example, perfectly support all Google services. The program of the same name makes it easy to collaborate on the same documents from different locations. Thanks to its high-resolution camera and integrated speakers, Microsoft's Surface Hub 2S is not only a digital whiteboard, but also a computer and platform for video conferences.


Modern smartboards offer a variety of interfaces. Within a few moments, external devices such as laptops or smartphones can be connected to the Smartboard via USB or HDMI or wirelessly via Bluetooth or WLAN and own content can be shared.

Flexible use

The digital whiteboards can be used flexibly wherever they are needed. Thanks to rollable stands, they can be easily moved from one place to another. This way, any space in the office quickly becomes a meeting room.