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When you rent with Lendis, you get access to the Lendis platform. Via the platform, you can independently rent additional products, manage your office inventory clearly and clarify support requests.

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Organised space for important documents

Despite the advance of digitalisation, large quantities of paper documents are still produced in offices every day. Whether for internal use or as evidence for public authorities, all documents must be stored neatly and structured in the office and be quickly retrievable even after years.
The space required for this in the offices of management or accounting is correspondingly large.

Filing cabinets and filing shelves - Finding the right model

Filing cabinets and filing shelves are designed for the safe and orderly storage of documents. The range of models is also very large in this segment. The most important features of a filing cabinet are:


The height of filing cabinets is usually given in file heights (OH). As the name suggests, this indicates how many A4 standardised files can be stored on top of each other. The height of filing cabinets is usually 4 OH or 5 OH. The shelves of the office cabinets are removable and can be flexibly positioned as required. After all, it is not always the case that only files need to be stored in the cupboard.


The front marks the essential difference between cabinets and shelves. While cupboards can be closed by doors, shelves have an open front. The choice of the respective variant should be made depending on what is to be stored in the cabinet. For particularly sensitive documents or objects, the cupboard doors should also be lockable. In this way, they are protected from unauthorised access.


In contrast to highboards and sideboards, filing cabinets are not so much design elements. Unusual shapes and colours are rarely found in functional office furniture.
The simple cabinets are mostly made of wood or metal. Most customers choose classic colours such as white and black.

Rent with Lendis - filing cabinets and shelving from the office equipment professional

With Lendis you can equip your entire office in no time at all. In addition to an extensive range of office furniture, you can find matching electrical appliances and all electronics for your employees, such as laptops and smartphones.

More than 500 customers are already benefiting from the numerous other advantages that renting with Lendis brings.


With our rental model, you remain flexible at all times. Whether your tastes change, you want to restructure your office landscape or you have to move - you can return rented office furniture at short notice or exchange it for other furniture. Are you expanding your company? Simply rent additional office equipment and react quickly to changes in your needs.

Secure liquidity

The rental model eliminates high initial investments in office cabinets, chairs and desks. This keeps the amount of tied-up capital low and secures your company's liquidity. An enormous competitive advantage, especially in times of crisis.

Round the clock service

So that you have to worry about as little as possible, Lendis offers an all-round service. This starts with comprehensive and competent advice before the start of the rental period. We also take care of delivery and assembly of the rented products. You can focus entirely on your core business.