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With Lendis, you can easily equip your employees with modern tablets and enable productive work at any time and any place. Rent the latest models from the leading manufacturers in an uncomplicated and flexible way. Benefit from our comprehensive range of services for technology rental. Learn more about renting with Lendis

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Rent tablets for your teams with Lendis

Lendis is your full-service provider for furnishing office areas and home office workplaces. From start to finish, we take care of all the tasks that are necessary for setting up your workspaces and equipping all your employees. Meanwhile, you can take care of the essentials. You decide to what extent you want to use our service. You need tablets for your company? Lendis offers you the following services:

Wide range of business tablets

Tablets have now become an integral part of everyday business life. Tablets combine the advantages of smartphones and laptops and are an additional way to collaborate effectively. Answering emails, briefly researching a topic or managing projects on site with the help of professional apps - the possible uses of a tablet in the business environment are manifold today.

At Lendis you will find a wide range of professional business and office tablets for your company. We only rent top devices from premium brands such as the popular Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab. You want to rent tablets, but are still looking for the right tablet model? Here are a few tips on what you should look out for when choosing.

Operating system
The choice of operating system is a fundamental and long-term decision. The most common operating systems are iOS (only on Apple iPads), Android (numerous manufacturers) and Windows OS. Each operating system has its advantages.

If Apple products are already used in the company, iPads can be quickly integrated into the existing structures and data can be easily synchronised. The main argument in favour of Android devices is the wide range of devices available. Windows OS devices are easy to integrate into corporate networks, offer Office programmes and are therefore widely used in the office.

For work on the road, it is important to be able to connect quickly to the internet or other devices. WLAN and Bluetooth are standard for professional devices today. In a business context, the tablet should also enable mobile phone connections (cellular). This allows communication with colleagues and data transfer while on the road.

Due to the large amount of data that is created and stored daily, the available memory is an important decision criterion. Top devices now have a storage capacity of 512 gigabytes, most devices are equipped with 128 or 256 GB. It should no longer be less these days.

Processor & RAM
Unlike laptops and desktop PCs, the focus of a tablet is not on maximum performance. Nevertheless, sufficient RAM and a fast processor make work much more comfortable. High-end devices currently have 6 gigabytes of RAM. The clock frequencies of current devices are in the mid gigahertz range.

Smartphone and tablet cameras are not only suitable for taking beautiful photos. In combination with the right apps, the range of functions can be expanded enormously. Scanning QR codes to obtain further information is just one example of the many possibilities offered by a camera on a tablet. A high-quality camera is therefore part of every high-performance tablet.

Size, weight and battery life
Tablets are basically designed for mobile use. The devices are correspondingly handy. The weight is only a few hundred grams. The choice of size depends primarily on personal preferences, as is also the case with laptops. If you don't want to scroll and zoom much while working, you should go for a large tablet like Apple's 12.9-inch iPad Pro. For those who like it handy, small tablets with a screen diagonal of 8 inches are the right solution.

The battery life of most devices is also designed so that they can be used for several hours without charging.

Individual configuration of your devices

Setting up and configuring all mobile devices in the company is a complex and time-consuming task that requires important IT resources. When renting with Lendis, you and your colleagues receive pre-configured tablets on request. The devices are ready-to-use and the rest of the setup is done automatically once they are switched on.

In this way, you determine, for example,

  • which apps should already be preinstalled.
  • what security requirements apply with regard to password assignment.
  • which apps and websites cannot be used for security reasons.
  • And much much more.

Are you already using an MDM solution in your company to manage mobile devices? We will gladly take care of integrating your rented tablets directly. Alternatively, we can set up your own MDM solution on request.

Everything for the Office & Remote Work

In addition to business tablets, at Lendis you can also rent everything else that is necessary to equip employees and a modern office. You equip your colleagues with laptops and smartphones for maximum productivity in the office, home office or remote work. You make your offices ready for the future of work with conference room technology and smartboards.

With the right office furniture, you can create a working environment that offers creative and productive exchange on the one hand and ergonomic workstations for focused work on the other. You will not only find office desks and swivel chairs, but also cabinets, lamps and our practical telephone boxes.

Personal service

During the entire rental period, a personal contact person is available to help you with product questions, technical problems or other questions. You can easily submit your concerns via the Lendis platform. This way, your enquiries land directly at the right address and are answered as quickly as possible.

Simple device management

Companies that rent tablets with Lendis receive free access to our specially developed office platform. This makes managing your technology and office equipment child's play. You can see an overview of all available equipment at any time. Thanks to the allocation function, you can assign inventory to individual employees, work areas or locations. This way you always know where which products are located.

Renting vs. buying vs. leasing - How to profit from renting

For many companies, buying tablets or other equipment is the obvious solution. However, the rental model offers some advantages over buying or leasing.

Flexible & Scalable

Renting is a flexible and easily scalable alternative to buying. Instead of high acquisition costs, you only pay a low monthly rent on the rented products. You can easily rent any additional equipment and office furniture you need, and simply return any equipment you no longer use. The financing risk is significantly reduced.

The simple procurement of additional equipment makes renting an easily scalable solution. You always adapt your equipment to your current needs, your equipment grows together with your company.

Tax advantages

Capital expenditure when purchasing and rental costs when renting are treated differently for tax purposes. The monthly rental amounts are counted as operating expenses (OpEx). This allows them to be recognised in full for tax purposes in the period incurred, resulting in financial benefits for the company.

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