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Equip your office with flexible high & standing tables and provide additional meeting facilities or comfortable seating in break and recreation rooms. Learn more about renting with Lendis

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Fast delivery

Fast delivery from stock within a few days to your desired address

Full flexibility

Rent office equipment flexibly and adapt it to your current needs at any time.

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Lendis takes care of
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Equip your employees with technology and furniture as quickly as never before. Use Lendis OS for your company now and save a lot of work, time and money!

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Your advantages when renting high and bar tables with Lendis

Lendis is the complete supplier of your office, whether office furnishings or state-of-the-art technology. More than 500 customers from all sectors have already designed and equipped their office landscapes with us for the future. They benefit from numerous advantages.

High quality product range

Lendis offers high-quality solutions for all office supplies. So you can find the right products for every area of the office - all from a single source. No more time-consuming searches.

Office Manager

The Lendis Office Manager is the digital management of your office inventory. This allows you to keep track at all times of which items are available in the company and which employee is using the rented equipment and furniture.

Investment costs

Thanks to the rental model, there are no high investment costs. Instead of making a large one-off payment for the purchase, you pay a small monthly rental amount from your revenues and thus preserve your cash flow.


Our all-round service makes setting up the office even more pleasant for you. Even before the start of the rental period, we provide comprehensive advice. We take care of the delivery and assembly of the office furnishings. At the end of the lease, we will of course also take care of the collection of the products.
Creating office landscapes to promote meeting culture
Communication and collaboration are becoming increasingly important for office work. Few tasks today can be done in isolation from other colleagues or departments. Instead, regular exchange is necessary when planning and implementing projects.

Companies must also do justice to this idea in the design and furnishing of office landscapes. However, there is quickly a danger of too many and, above all, too long meetings. In addition to conference rooms for intensive meetings, meeting areas and places for quick and short exchanges are therefore also needed.

  • High and high table for short meetings
  • High tables and bar tables (also called bar tables) are ideal for morning stand-ups or brief enquiries about the current project status.

With a height of between 100 and 110 centimetres, the tables are significantly higher than a classic office desk, whose height is usually 74 to 76 centimetres. This makes it possible to stand comfortably.
The standing position means that participants keep meetings as short as possible. If the discussions do last longer, bar stools can be used for sitting.

Standing tables are usually found in open-space areas of the office, while high tables are used in areas specially created for short meetings. Suitable acoustic solutions help to minimise background noise in both cases. In addition, high tables are often found in the office kitchen and, together with bar stools, offer a relaxing place to sit during breaks.

In addition, high tables are also a popular alternative to desks. Sitting for long periods of time can be harmful to your health. But standing exclusively can also have negative consequences. The solution: regularly switch between the two positions to relieve the back and legs as much as possible. In addition, the blood can circulate better and the brain is better supplied with oxygen.