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With Lendis you rent high-quality video conferencing technology and equip your conference rooms optimally for digital collaboration in hybrid work. From high-resolution conference cameras to easy-to-install room booking systems, our range includes everything you need for modern conference room equipment. Learn more about renting with Lendis

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Technical equipment of modern conference rooms

Conference and meeting rooms belong in every modern office and fulfil numerous functions, whether for presentations, team meetings or video conferences with customers. The digitalisation of the office has not stopped at the conference room. Today, numerous devices support employees in communication and collaboration. Find out here how to make your conference and meeting rooms fit for the future.

Room booking & room management

Conference rooms are rarely available in large numbers and are heavily frequented due to their versatile uses. To avoid frustration among staff about regularly occupied rooms, the use of room booking systems is helpful. The digital helpers can be easily attached to the entrance of the conference rooms. Synchronisation with the company calendar via Google Calendar, Outlook or iCalendar is quick and easy. In this way, the occupancy of the rooms is transparent at all times and you ensure efficient utilisation of the conference and meeting rooms. Your employees can easily find free rooms and organise meetings without any problems.

Video and telephone conference systems

Thanks to modern technology such as video and telephone conference systems, journeys to customers or meetings with colleagues outside the office are now possible without any problems. This saves time and at the same time has less of an impact on the environment. What is important here is trouble-free communication between all participants.
Conference telephones enable easy operation and the best voice quality. Video conferencing systems add a visual component to conversations. They use different services such as Google Hangouts or Skype. High-quality video conferences can be started at the touch of a button. Thanks to modern conference systems, the efficiency of your meetings and conference calls is significantly increased.

Beamers, TV & Smartboards

A successful presentation requires high-quality presentation technology. Beamers and TV sets have always been used in conference rooms. Depending on the size of the room, the screen size must be selected so that the displayed content is legible for all participants. In addition, digital whiteboards (so-called smartboards) are increasingly finding their way into conference rooms. Especially for team meetings, they offer the possibility to sketch ideas and plan projects together.

Flexible conference room technology set-up - rent with Lendis

Lendis supports you in professionally equipping your office space. This includes planning the optimal room design, furnishing with high-quality office furniture or equipping with modern, powerful electronics.

You can also benefit from numerous other advantages of our rental model, like over 500 satisfied customers before you.

Free insurance cover

Conference technology and other electronics are insured free of charge during the rental period. In the event of damage, we take care of the settlement and new equipment as quickly as possible.


With our rental model, you enjoy maximum flexibility in equipping your office. Within a short period of time, you can react to a change in your needs, whether it's moving to a new office, equipping new employees or simply a new room design.

Securing liquidity

Thanks to the rental model, high investment costs are no longer necessary. Instead, you pay a small monthly rental fee for your conference technology and other desired products from your revenues. This protects your cash flow and secures your liquidity.

All-round service

As a full-service partner, we take care of everything needed to equip your office. Together with you, we discuss and plan the optimal equipment for the conference room and other office spaces. We take care of the delivery, assembly and installation of your desired products. During the rental period, we are always available to help you with questions and problems.