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Set up the workplace correctly

Furnishing the office is a complex task. The workplace plays a special role. Well-being, ergonomics and productivity - today's workplace must meet numerous requirements. We have summarised for you what is necessary for the optimal furnishing of your employees and give simple tricks with which the workplace can be transformed into a productive environment.

What office equipment belongs to a workplace?

Workplace equipment includes everything that is necessary for the completion of tasks. This includes furniture, technical devices as well as work equipment. In addition to the basic equipment that is necessary for every workplace, the specific needs can vary depending on the area of responsibility.

The standard equipment of the workplace includes:


A large desk offers sufficient space for all work tools and frequently used work equipment. The legal minimum dimensions are 160 centimetres wide and 80 centimetres deep. This guarantees that all equipment and work materials have space on the desk and that there is also sufficient freedom of movement.

Height-adjustable desks make an additional contribution to ergonomics at the workplace. They offer two decisive advantages: 

  • On the one hand, they can be individually adjusted to the respective sitting position and thus enable comfortable working at all times. 
  • They also allow you to switch between sitting and standing work, which relieves the strain on your back.

Office chair

A comfortable office chair is also a must at the workplace. Swivel chairs have become the standard. Due to their free mobility and numerous adjustment options, professional office swivel chairs can be optimally adjusted to the individual sitting position.

High-quality models allow adjustment in terms of

  • the seat height
  • the angle of inclination of the backrest 
  • the angle of the armrest. 
A lumbar support provides additional support for the back and promotes a relaxed sitting posture.


Whether it's spreadsheets, image processing or communication, office work is no longer possible without a computer these days. Which device is used depends very much on the task.

For employees who work exclusively at the workplace, a desktop computer is usually the most suitable solution. Employees who often work on the road or in projects, on the other hand, need portable laptops. In times of hybrid work, where more and more people regularly switch between office and home office, a laptop also makes sense to have easy access to all the documents they need from anywhere at any time.

The same applies to the technical equipment of the devices. For simple office work, it does not have to be a high-end device. For work in the graphics area or for analysing complex data, however, state-of-the-art technology is indispensable to be able to work productively.

Lighting for well-being

In addition, suitable lighting at the workplace is also part of the necessary basic equipment. If possible, the workplace should be located by a window to have sufficient natural daylight. However, if this is not possible, suitable lighting is required. Ceiling light provides adequate basic lighting. At the workplace, the lighting can be individually adjusted by means of floor lamps and table lamps. Floor lamps provide indirect light for a more homely atmosphere, while table lamps provide sufficient brightness at specific points.

In addition to these basic elements, there are other office furniture and technology that are more or less important depending on the task area. These include:

Sufficient storage space

Notepads, folders and a coffee cup on the table may in some cases promote creativity. But clutter is one thing above all - the enemy of effective and productive work. To keep things tidy at all times and at the same time have everything you need within reach, sufficient storage space should be available.

Shelves on the desk to store important documents may already be sufficient. Mobile pedestals at the desk offer additional space to store work equipment or frequently used documents. If more space is needed, file shelves or sideboards should be available at the workplace. This way, documents or rarely used equipment can be stored.

Printer & Copier

If documents need to be printed, scanned or copied frequently, it is advisable to have a dedicated device directly at the workplace. This avoids regular trips to the central printer and saves time. Multifunctional devices can take on several functions and are therefore more cost- and space-efficient.

Accessories for more productivity

Peripheral devices help to perform many tasks much more comfortably and quickly. For example, a large monitor allows data to be captured and transferred more quickly. A keyboard and mouse support ergonomics at the workplace. A headset that shields external noise helps to concentrate on work.

Visual and sound insulation

The trend towards open space promotes communication and cooperation within the company. At the same time, this also increases noise pollution compared to individual offices. Acoustic solutions such as room dividers or table partitions provide improved sound insulation in the office and help people to concentrate on their work. In addition, they act as privacy screens and can thus provide more privacy.

Hygiene in the workplace

The issue of hygiene in the workplace has gained enormous importance due to the spread of the SARS-CoV 2 virus. But even without a global pandemic, hygiene should be given the necessary attention at all times.
Optimal workplace setup - hygiene at the workplace
On the one hand, this includes organisational measures such as
  • limiting the number of employees who are in the office at the same time or
  • Minimum distances of 1.5 m between individual workplaces, for example with the help of floor markings.

Hygiene can be further improved with additional equipment. For example, equip workplaces with disinfectant dispensers. Install table partitions to separate individual workstations and use mobile partitions between individual workstation groups. This helps to limit the spread of aerosols.

Create a feel-good atmosphere in the workplace

The importance of a pleasantly designed workplace is often underestimated. After all, if you feel good at your workplace, you are usually more productive. So create a little oasis of well-being in the office too.

Give your workplace an individual character, for example, with personal utensils such as your own calendar, pictures or a self-designed pinboard. Plants in and around the workplace contribute significantly to a pleasant atmosphere. They visually enhance it and at the same time help to improve the air quality.

Care for order

There are always those who say that an untidy workplace promotes creativity. As a rule, however, chaos on the desk has a negative effect on productivity. In addition, a tidy workspace also makes a positive and professional impression on the boss. At the latest, if the company has an open desk policy and the workspace is not used exclusively by one employee, the space should be left tidy after work.

With a few simple tips, you can quickly create order:

  • Set priorities: Decide what is really important. All utensils that you do not use daily should be removed from your desk.
  • Create a system: Arrange work equipment and / or devices according to tasks. Everything you need for a task is located in one area of the desk.
  • Declutter: Throw away old notes and empty pens. Documents that are no longer needed or edited should be archived.
  • Avoid cable clutter: The more technical devices are in use, the more cables run around the workplace. Use cable trays and cable ducts to eliminate cable clutter and keep things tidy.

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