The best destinations for your next workation

Summer is slowly coming to an end and autumn is already knocking on the door. To make matters worse, the vacation days for this year have already been used up. So what to do to escape the dreary German weather? At Lendis, the answer is workation.
You also just want to extend the summer or prefer to spend the cold season somewhere else, but haven't found the right destination yet? No problem! We asked our colleagues for recommendations. And here they are, the top 8 workation destinations of the Lendis team.

1. Costa del Sol / Spain

Dirk is VP Data at Lendis. At the top of his list of recommendations is a vacation classic that is also a suitable destination for mobile working - the Costa del Sol in southern Spain.
With the wide range of accommodation in and around the centers of Malaga and Granada, it is easy to find suitable accommodation for workation. Many providers have already recognized the trend towards workation and offer suitably furnished vacation apartments - including a stable Internet connection. Even if everything is open upwards in terms of price, workation is possible here for comparatively little money.
With pleasant temperatures around 20° Celsius, the Costa del Sol attracts all those who want to delay the end of summer until October and November. Then the end of work can be enjoyed relaxed in historic cities and with delicious Spanish tapas.

2. Canary Islands / Spain

Just one of many possible workation destinations for Karo, our performance marketing expert, are the Canary Islands. Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote offer optimal temperatures all year round and are a popular destination, especially in the cold winter months when temperatures still reach 20 degrees Celsius.
Admittedly, the cost of living is not comparable with regions such as Southeast Asia. However, a big plus point for Karo are the European standards in many areas, such as the health sector. This makes the Canary Islands also well suited for families.

Another plus is the small time difference of only one hour. This makes it possible to maintain the same work rhythm and collaborate easily with team members even when working remotely.

3. Bali / Indonesia

No, Bali is certainly no longer an insider tip. Nevertheless, Bali belongs on this list not only for our VP Marketing Charlotte. The Indonesian island is known primarily as a party capital. However, as a result, it also attracted the interest of digital nomads early on. Today, the island offers the best conditions for remote work for people from all over the world. The numerous co-working spaces are equipped with modern facilities and are ideal for productive work. They are also the perfect place to network and exchange ideas with experts from almost every field of work.

Remote workers from Europe tend to work in Bali more in the afternoon and evening hours due to the time difference. Time to enjoy the benefits of a tropical island therefore remains in the morning. For Charlotte, that means starting the day with yoga, then getting on the surfboard, and then fortifying herself with delicious Asian food.

4. Brazil

Half a turn of the earth away, Brazil offers our Product Manager Jaqueline everything she needs for workation. Even if, as a native Brazilian, she may be a little biased in this respect, we are sure that her recommendation is justified.
The country has a good infrastructure including a mostly very good internet connection. The time difference to Germany is comparatively small at 3 - 5 hours despite the distance. Therefore, the working hours do not shift too much. Work can be done in one of the numerous AirBnB offers or in the now also widespread co-working places.
In terms of leisure activities, Brazil is also in no way inferior to other destinations. Whether it's water activities by the sea or exploring nature in the interior, everyone is guaranteed to find what they're looking for in Brazil.

5. Zeeland / Netherlands

You don't always have to head south in the fall. In Zeeland, in the southwest of the Netherlands, Christina, Head of Logistics, finds the perfect area to combine camping in the fall with mobile work. There's no need for a guarantee of good weather.
Working from the camper means fun and relaxation at the same time for Christina. The fact that the campground offers numerous activities for children is an added bonus for her.
If you need a change from camping, you will find all the conditions to work in one of the many beach bars. Most of the bars offer a very good internet connection and that with an incomparable view of the sea.

6. Oslo / Norway

A little surprise on our list is the recommendation of Xenia, Senior Operations Manager at Lendis. However, having spent the entire month of October there last year, Oslo is a must-see for her.
With temperatures still mild, the days are as long as in Germany. Work can be done in numerous cafés and co-working places with free Wi-Fi.
After work, there is plenty to discover in and around Oslo. Hiking fans will find optimal conditions in the surrounding area and will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the fjord and the surrounding mountains.

7. Austria

Who says that workation means only sun and sea? VP Sales Diana is regularly drawn to Austria to combine work with her passion for skiing.
Especially in the well-developed vacation regions, the trend towards workation is also increasingly being taken into account. Whether it's a vacation apartment or a hotel, in many places in Austria it's now easy to combine vacation and work.

8. Singapore

Singapore, for many the city of the future, must of course not be missing from this list. CFO Armin also sees it that way. And who could know better! After all, Armin himself spent 4 years in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for professional reasons.
One reason for its recommendation is the high standard of living. This is why the city-state in Southeast Asia regularly lands in the top positions when it comes to the most livable cities. On the one hand, this is due to the very well-developed infrastructure. With fast Internet and plenty of co-working opportunities throughout the city, you can literally work from anywhere. In addition, Singapore offers a wide range of cultural and culinary delights, so that you can also find something pleasant to do after work.
However, the whole thing comes at a price. The cost of living in Singapore is among the highest in the world and a longer stay requires the appropriate purse.