Lendis x Remote: Shaping the future of work together

At Lendis, we are convinced of Hybrid Work and the possibility of working independently of time and place. For this reason, we have developed our software solution, the Lendis OS, and are already helping numerous companies to optimally equip their employees for work at any location.
With Remote, we have found a partner who not only shares our vision, but also helps us to provide even more people with a productive working environment.

Why a partnership with Remote?

Remote is one of the leading providers of HR services. When it was founded in 2019, Remote was already convinced of the remote work model and the benefits for employees and employers.

lendis partnership with remote

Work from anywhere! As an Employer of Record, Remote supports companies in finding and hiring the best talents worldwide. Companies that cannot easily hire employees in other countries without a foreign branch benefit from this service. In these cases, Remote takes care of all HR tasks related to the hiring process, such as legal matters, payroll or compliance. The easy-to-use Remote platform then allows companies to manage and provides access to key documentation.

Several thousand employees from all over the world now have the opportunity to work remotely for companies - sometimes even on the other side of the world.

But one crucial component was still missing from Remote's offer - the possibility to equip employees with the appropriate equipment. This gap has now been closed by the partnership with Lendis. As one of the leading suppliers of modern workplaces, Lendis delivers technology and office furniture directly to the employees' home offices in the shortest possible time. The organisation takes place via an innovative software solution for home office equipment: the Lendis OS.

lendis partnership me remote - equipping employees in the home office

And this partnership also offers advantages for Lendis. Via the remote network, Lendis now has access to thousands of employees and can help them to optimally equip their home office workplaces.

How does the partnership between Lendis and Remote work?

Through the partnership, technical onboarding via Lendis becomes an integral part of the onboarding experience with Remote. The central tool for this is the Lendis OS, the operating system for hybrid work. As part of the partnership with Remote, companies receive their own white-label platform. At the latest 2 weeks after completion, the Lendis OS is fully set up and can be used by the employees.

lendis magazine partnership remote how does it work

Employees use the Lendis OS to put together their desired equipment from a previously defined range of products. After the order is placed, Lendis takes care of everything else, such as delivery and installation on site. Mobile devices such as laptops and smartphones can be pre-configured on request, the necessary software installed and a mobile device management system set up for easy device administration.

lendis magazine Partnerships remote - how it works
In addition, the Lendis OS offers numerous administration options for HR managers. The admin dashboard clearly provides the most important information on all orders. Based on roles (e.g. marketing, management or self-defined), employees can be assigned different authorisations. Authorisations are, for example, different budgets, a limited product selection and much more.
You want to know more about the Lendis OS?

With the Lendis OS, you can equip employees with technology and furniture in just a few minutes and save work, time and money.

As part of the partnership with Remote, there are two ways to use the Lendis OS.

Companies with strong growth and regularly numerous new employees receive their own white label platform. This gives them the opportunity to configure the Lendis OS according to their own requirements.

For smaller companies with only a few new hires per month, having their own Lendis OS is often not worthwhile. In these cases, they have the option of having their employees use the Lendis OS made available for remote use. This also gives these companies the chance to benefit from the advantages of the Lendis OS.