Lendis offers you a wide range of services for staging IT hardware - this saves you a lot of manual work steps and speeds up onboarding.

SIM card incl. installation

Every cell phone also has a SIM card (SIM = Subscriber Identification Module). It contains information such as the user's phone number, network operator code and security information. SIM cards can come in different sizes, including standard SIM, micro SIM and nano SIM, depending on the requirements of the device.


Nowadays, many smartphones already have permanently installed SIM cards. These are called eSIM (embedded SIM). There are also devices that are designed for the use of two SIM cards, for example, so that you can use your cell phone for both business and private calls. This is called dual SIM.


So that your employees don't have to worry about the details of the SIM cards, Lendis can install and insert them into the individual devices before delivery if you wish.

MDM activation

The use of mobile devices in the professional environment is constantly increasing. This creates new challenges for companies in terms of integration, security and data protection. Mobile Device Management (MDM) offers a simple way to create transparency and control when using mobile devices.


The abbreviation MDM stands for Mobile Device Management. Mobile Device Management is the centralized management of mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones or tablets. The corresponding MDM software provides a wide range of functions for inventorying, configuring, managing and protecting mobile devices, which can be used on all registered devices.


In our "Device as a Service" model, we offer you the opportunity to easily integrate all your rented devices into your existing MDM, regardless of which MDM your organization uses, be it Microsoft Intune, BlackBerry, Jamf, Samsung Knox, Android Zero Touch or Azure Active Directory.


For example, Lendis buys DEP-capable MacBooks for you, which we can then add to your Apple Business Manager (ABM) with a click. After delivery, all your users have to do is open the laptop and get to work, because everything they need to work has already been installed.

Protective cover incl. installation

As technology advances, cell phones are becoming thinner and thinner and therefore more fragile. Since even great care cannot always prevent dropping, it is important to use a case to protect the phone.


To ensure that a cover is used for all employees, Lendis can place each cell phone in a protective cover before delivery if required. This eliminates the need for employees to worry about fitting them and prevents a lot of drop and impact damage.

Armored glass incl. mounting

No matter how careful we are, it is almost inevitable that we will damage the ever larger and more sensitive displays on today's smartphones over time. Whether it's keys or coins in your pocket or a small stone on your desk - the risk of scratches, cracks and other damage to the display is very high. The use of a screen protector is therefore essential.


To ensure that all employees have optimum protection for their smartphones, Lendis offers the option of equipping each device with a high-quality screen protector or armored film before delivery. This means your employees don't have to worry about the complicated application process.


A screen protector not only offers protection against external influences such as drops or scratches, but also reduces glare and minimizes fingerprints on the display. This keeps the user experience optimal without compromising on security.

Screen film incl. mounting

In a world where data privacy and information security are becoming increasingly important, protecting confidential data on laptops is essential. With the increasing use of laptops in public spaces and the potential for sensitive information to be captured by prying eyes, the use of screen protectors for data protection is a crucial measure.


Lendis offers to equip every laptop with a high-quality screen protector before delivery. This special film ensures that the screen can only be read from a certain angle, while it is practically unreadable from the side. This shields sensitive company data from unwanted glances and at the same time the films protect the screen from scratches and damage.

Enclosing accessories

In a world where the demands on the working environment and efficiency are constantly increasing, it is crucial that employees have the right tools at their disposal to perform their tasks optimally. In addition to a powerful laptop, the right accessories also play a crucial role in increasing productivity and improving working comfort.


The Lendis portfolio therefore includes a comprehensive selection of accessories such as keyboards, mice, headsets and screens. A comfortable keyboard and mouse as well as an additional screen help to improve ergonomics at the workplace and reduce the workload. Headsets with active noise suppression reduce the noise of everyday office life and allow focused work.


The possibility of bundles on the Lendis platform guarantees that employees can choose between different product packages to get their ideal setup.


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