Lendis takes care of all your logistics - no more time-consuming, manual and non-transparent processes with numerous suppliers and logistics partners.


Lendis has a curated portfolio of products from selected suppliers. The products are purchased directly from the manufacturer or via the largest distributors in the respective market segment. Because Lendis buys the products directly from the source and no middlemen are involved, we can offer you the most attractive prices on the market.


Lendis products and suppliers are carefully selected according to an extensive catalog of criteria, including quality, product design, sustainability, speed of delivery, ergonomics, safety, etc.

We cover all work areas, i.e. classic workstations, meeting rooms, lounge and cafeteria areas and retreats.

Our furniture is suitable for both the office and the home office.


Lendis offers all the products of the most important electronics brands on the world market. In particular:

  • Laptops: Apple, Lenovo, Microsoft, Dell, Hewlett Packard (hp), etc.
  • Smartphones: Apple (iPhone), Samsung, etc.
  • Monitors: Dell, etc.
  • Accessories: Analogous to the brands listed above


Lendis not only buys the furniture and electronics for you, but we also always have a stock of the bestsellers available.


Our warehouse is dynamic - this is how we ensure that our warehouse is prepared for your demand, possible supply bottlenecks and seasonal fluctuations.


Our warehouse enables us to offer particularly fast delivery times.

Delivery & Assembly

As soon as you order from Lendis (e.g. via the Lendis platform or your advisor), Lendis will take care of your delivery.


If any final details about the delivery are still missing, such as your preferred delivery date or important delivery details, our logistics team will contact you. In the meantime, your products will already be packed in our warehouse and prepared for delivery to you.


We deliver not only in Germany, but throughout Europe and Great Britain (UK) to your desired location at home or in your office (express deliveries are also possible). If you receive furniture from us, our colleagues will assemble all the furniture at your premises and take the packaging waste back with them.


Our partners will have the workstation set up properly by an expert. In addition, our partners can carry out a risk assessment directly on site and set up the workstation for the best possible working conditions and in accordance with regulations (see also Risk assessment - GBU).

Collection & dismantling

If your rental is coming to an end and you would like to have your goods collected again, Lendis will contact you to coordinate the collection.


Once a suitable date has been found, the logistics team will come to your home or office to dismantle your furniture. If you have rented electronics from Lendis, we will send you an empty package and a prepaid return label so that you can simply send the goods back to us. The collection and dismantling can be carried out by us in Germany, Europe and the UK (express collections are also possible).


Your products are then returned to our warehouse, where they are reconditioned (repaired and cleaned) and all data on the IT hardware is thoroughly and securely removed (see also Data erasure with the Blancco software solution).


Contact Lendis

Our location

Oranienburger Straße 66,
10117 Berlin, Germany

Opening hours

Monday - Friday
08:30 - 17:30

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