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Free upgrades of your rented company mobile phones to the latest models


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Top smartphones for your employees

Equip your employees with the latest iOS and Android smartphone models from the leading manufacturers.

Phone as a Service - Modern smartphones for employees
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Mobile Device Management

If you wish, Lendis can deliver the devices pre-configured according to your specifications. You can then manage all the devices remotely from a central location.


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Mobile devices at a glance

With the Lendis platform, you always have an overview of your entire mobile device fleet and know which employees are using which device.

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As part of our rental model, there is a wide range of premium smartphones from the top manufacturers to choose from. In addition to iPhones from Apple, we focus primarily on smartphones from Samsung and Google.

For companies that rent their smartphones with us, we can also take care of the appropriate mobile tariffs. Within the framework of tariff support, we also carry out needs assessments, network checks, tariff adjustments or the switching of new contracts.

MDM (Mobile Device Management) is a software solution for enterprise mobile device management. Mobile Device Management facilitates the setup and management of smartphones and allows the pre-configuration of company-relevant productivity apps. Mostly, MDM solutions are integrated in an EMM solution (EMM = Enterprise Mobility Management) and therefore offer functions that go beyond the mere inventory of company mobile phones.

After expiry of the initial agreed rental period, the rental contract for your smartphones is automatically extended by a further month. You can cancel the contract at any time at the end of the next month.

You also have the option of receiving an automatic upgrade to the rented equipment free of charge. If you are interested, Lendis will deliver the new devices and take care of the recycling of the devices that are no longer in use.

Lendis takes care of deleting the data from your devices in accordance with data protection regulations. Afterwards, the devices are re-rented or disposed of properly.

The account area of our platform provides Lendis customers with numerous management functions. Additional mobile devices can be easily added, all equipment can be clearly inventoried and new employees can be quickly and easily equipped with technology and furniture.