Optimally equipped like in the office

Home office
as a service

The uncomplicated way to provide your employees with a
productive working environment.

Home office as a service

The easy way to equip your employees' home office

Stay flexible

Renting offers maximum flexibility. You can upgrade, exchange & return at any time.


Take full advantage of your tax benefits, turn CapEx into OpEx and optimise your working capital.


With our circular model, we recycle & re-rent products. Our products are 100% carbon neutral.


The all-round carefree solution
for the home office


Everything for the home office

With Lendis, you can easily equip your employees with ergonomic furniture and high-performance technology for a productive workspace.

Home office as a service - rent ergonomic equipment and technology
Home Office as a Service - Employee Shop

Own shop for you & your employees

You and your employees can book everything you need for productive work in your home office quickly and easily via your own company shop.


Delivery directly
to the home office

We deliver the ordered products directly to your employees' homes within 14 days. We take care of the professional installation, and your colleagues are ready to go straight away.

Home Office as a Service - Fast delivery
Lendis Platform - Inventory Function

Home office
Manage digitally

Via our platform, you centrally manage all home office workplaces of your employees and keep track of all equipment.


What our customers say


Both furniture and IT. Our product portfolio for the home office ranges from ergonomic chairs, desks and lighting to monitors, laptops and smartphones. We can offer virtually all the office furniture you need.

No. We allow you to order the equipment your team needs and still access competitive pricing. For example, when new team members start or leave your company, or when you need replacement or upgrade equipment for your home office.

You can renew your rental contract for as long as your staff need the equipment. As soon as it is no longer needed, we will dismantle and collect all rented items.

After the minimum rental period of 6 months, you have the option to cancel the subscription. If you have a new employee on board for whom a home office needs to be set up, contact us and we will arrange a move of the equipment.

Lendis professionally delivers and assembles the office furniture at your employees' homes for a small fee. Depending on your location and availability, we are able to deliver within 1 to 3 weeks - much faster than any furniture supplier. Your employees will not have to worry about anything other than being at home at the pre-arranged time. 

IT equipment and accessories are delivered within 1 week. 

For furniture, the delivery time is between 1 and 2 weeks, depending on availability. If there is an urgent need, we also offer an express service.

Don't worry! The furniture is insured against damage and Lendis takes care of damage, repairs and maintenance. In severe cases, we replace the damaged furniture so that your employees can work from home at any time.