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The current trend in office design increasingly envisages the office's role as a meeting area for employees. Office landscapes today must above all promote communication and collaboration among employees, while the individual workstation is losing importance. Many companies are already rethinking and designing their office spaces with the changed requirements in mind.

Many areas of use - reception area, lounge, open space

Office sofas are used in a variety of ways and can be found in almost every room in the office. For a long time, they were mainly used in the reception area or lounge area as comfortable seating for guests. In the open space area, they are now used to create comfortable meeting areas that, equipped with suitable technology, promote communication.
Last but not least, the sofa also belongs in every executive office. When important clients are received, sofas look much more stylish and, above all, offer greater seating comfort.

What distinguishes the right sofa for the office?

What the perfect sofa for the office looks like depends on the individual circumstances. The essential decision-making criteria are:


The standard sizes of office sofas offer space for two, three or four people. This is usually sufficient for normal use. If more space is needed, seating areas can be created from several 2 or 3-seater sofas or combinations with armchairs. In this way, the size can be individually designed. It is important to first clarify how much space is available for the seating area and whether the ideas can also be realised practically.


Sofas often have a design benefit as well as a functional one. The range of different models is correspondingly large. Designers like to give free rein to their creativity when designing upholstered furniture. Orient the form to the current room design. All office furniture, including the office couch, should be subordinate to this prevailing style.

If the sofas are to be used as a rest area, so-called acoustic sofas are available. Thanks to a high design and special materials, they absorb sound and thus provide a muffled background noise.

Cover and colour

The cover and colour are also initially chosen from a design perspective. The choice is again based on the room concept. More and more often, companies are turning to bright colours to promote creativity in the office.

In classic industries, however, black and white are still the common colours. The material used is often leather, which has a higher-quality appearance and is also easier to clean.

How do you benefit from renting office furniture with Lendis?

Lendis is your contact when it comes to office equipment. In addition to high-quality office furnishings, the corresponding technology is also available from us - everything from a single source. Meanwhile, more than 500 customers from different industries use the service of Lendis and benefit in many ways.


Renting instead of buying - that means maximum flexibility for you. Only pay for the office furniture you actually use. You can easily return products that you no longer need. Do you want to equip more meeting areas with sofas and armchairs? No problem! Simply add the products you want.

Service & Support

We support our customers with all the challenges that optimal office furnishing entails. Office planning, delivery and assembly, we are happy to take care of it. If you have any questions, our competent employees are always available to help.


Secure your liquidity with the rental model. Instead of high initial investments, you only pay a small monthly rental amount. This reduces your cash outflow considerably and you remain financially flexible for strategically important investments.