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When you rent with Lendis, you get access to the Lendis platform. Via the platform, you can independently rent additional products, manage your office inventory clearly and clarify support requests.

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The trend towards location-independent working is increasing in many companies, but most employees still use the office to do their work and spend a large part of the day there. To create a pleasant working atmosphere, many companies have already restructured their office landscapes and offer employees comfortable seating in addition to a well-equipped workplace.

Armchairs for all areas of the office

In addition to sofas, this includes comfortable armchairs. These are no longer found only in the executive office or reception area. In the lounge area, there are also relaxing lounge chairs for employees. In open space areas, armchairs in combination with sofas and matching technology offer an additional meeting option. Such meeting corners promote exchange and collaboration among each other.

Armchairs are also popular as an alternative to one's own workstation. For those who spend many hours in the office, armchairs are a pleasant change from the office chair. A change of seat and thus a new perspective also promotes creativity.

If the chairs are to be used in quiet zones, special acoustic chairs are available. These have raised side and back sections. Together with sound-absorbing materials, these contribute to sound insulation and a reduced background noise.

When looking for the right armchairs, companies will find a large selection. In addition to a high level of comfort, the colour and material are key factors in the decision. Armchairs and sofas are ideal elements for interior design. If their design follows the current design concept of the office, they contribute to an appealing atmosphere.
Black and brown are still among the favourite colours. More and more often, especially in creative companies or departments, armchairs in bright colours are used. This has a psychological character and subtly promotes creativity.
The material used for office chairs is usually fabric, imitation leather or genuine leather. Fabric has a more homely feel, but leather is of higher quality and therefore more representative.

How customers benefit from renting their office equipment with Lendis

With Lendis, you get modern lounge chairs and other office furniture from a single source. This saves you time and nerves when searching for the right office furniture. It's that easy: Submit an enquiry, receive an individual offer and sign a rental contract. We take care of everything else.

In addition, the rental model offers you numerous other advantages. Over 500 customers already benefit from our service.


With our rental model, you remain flexible at all times. Only pay for what you actually use. Are you redesigning your office landscape? Rent additional office furniture without any complications. Is an employee leaving your company? Simply return the office desks, chairs or lounge furniture.

Service & Support

Service and support are our top priority. That's why we are there for you at all times, not just from the start of the lease. We are happy to support you with office planning and take care of the delivery and installation of your desired products. You have less effort and can concentrate on the important things.


Secure your cash flow and avoid high one-off expenses for your office equipment. Instead, you only pay low monthly rental fees. This way you additionally secure your liquidity and increase your financial leeway for important strategic investments.