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Increased requirements for noise and sound insulation in the office

The topics of room acoustics and sound insulation in the office have become increasingly important in recent years. Changing office concepts have led to an increase in the number of workplaces per area and a shift towards non-territorial room design. The result is ever greater noise pollution in the office. Together with stricter legal regulations, the challenges for noise protection and improved room acoustics have increased significantly. Excessive noise in the office can be detrimental to health and reduces employee productivity. Efficient acoustic solutions are needed for the office.

Efficiently optimise room acoustics with acoustic columns

Acoustic columns or absorber columns are one way to improve room acoustics. They are space-saving and efficient acoustic elements. By absorbing sound waves and reducing acoustic reflections, they reduce noise in the office. They are therefore particularly important in open space areas with a large number of employees. At the same time, they contribute to improved room acoustics, which significantly improves the quality of conversation in conference and meeting rooms.

Lendis acoustic columns meet the requirements for absorption scale A, ensuring the highest sound absorption properties.

Size and material

Essential criteria for acoustic columns are the size and the material. As a general rule, the larger the acoustic columns, the more absorption surface is available and the more sound can be absorbed. Melamine foam, as the filling of our towers, has particularly good absorption properties. A special, largely recycled polyester fabric is used as padding, with which we would like to make our contribution to sustainability.


Similar to acoustic partitions, acoustic towers are free-standing, inherently stable acoustic elements. Unlike wall and ceiling absorbers, no drilling is required for installation. Due to their low weight, they can be used flexibly wherever they are needed.


The absorber columns are best placed in the corners of the room, as this is where the sound collects. However, the acoustic elements can also be used as room dividers. Sound propagation is thereby prevented and individual workplaces are protected. Due to their modern design, the acoustic towers can also be used for room design.

Rent acoustic columns with Lendis - How you benefit

Lendis is your partner for professional furnishing of the complete office. Whether office furniture, electronics, workstation or conference room - with us you get everything you need to equip a modern office. You benefit from numerous advantages.

Avoidance of high investments

Thanks to the rental model, no high initial investments are necessary. Instead, you only have to pay low monthly rents for your acoustic solutions and office furniture, which you pay out of your revenues. This puts much less strain on your company's cash flow.

Flexibility in a competitive environment

You can react flexibly and quickly to changes in your needs or tastes or new requirements due to a changed room concept. You can easily return furniture or electronics you no longer need and rent new office equipment.

All-round service

Lendis sees itself as a full-service partner. We therefore provide our customers with comprehensive and competent advice even before the start of the rental period. We will gladly take care of the delivery and, if necessary, the assembly of your acoustic furniture. During the entire rental period, we are also available at any time to answer your questions and solve your problems.