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Useful computer accessories for more productivity

Working with different technology is standard in the office today. Laptops, smartphones and tablets are in use at almost every workplace. Peripheral devices are a useful addition to the work equipment. These help to increase comfort and productivity in equal measure.

The most important products from the field of peripherals

Keyboard & Mouse

When working with a desktop PC, a keyboard and a mouse make basic operation possible in the first place. Laptops and tablets, on the other hand, already come with integrated input devices. Here, the use of external input devices can still be advantageous. This is because touchpads on laptops or touch displays on tablets are not designed for working for long periods of time, but for short research tasks or entering a small amount of data. External keyboards and mice are usually much more comfortable to use and thus lead to much more efficient work.

Besides productivity, ergonomic aspects also play an important role with keyboard and mouse. Incorrect arm or hand posture over a long period of time can lead to health problems. Tendinitis is certainly one of the best-known consequences. But a non-ergonomic working posture can also have negative effects on the back and spine. Ergonomic keyboards and mice, whose design leads to a comfortable arm and hand position, are therefore beneficial to the health of employees.


In call centres and departments where employees are in intensive contact with customers, headsets are helpful work tools. While wearing a headset, you have both hands available to synchronise and enter data at the same time. Professional headsets also offer a particularly high voice quality via the integrated microphone. This is particularly important in professional conversations when transmitting data. Devices for professional use have a number of useful functions, such as one-click forwarding for incoming calls or noise cancelling. While practically all headphones are noise-reduction devices, since less noise enters the ear when wearing a headset, noise-cancelling headsets suppress external noise sources. A distinction is made between passive and active noise cancelling. In the case of passive noise cancelling, the headset is constructed in such a way that it is sealed off from the outside world. With active noise cancelling, ambient noise is measured and sound waves are actively emitted at a specific pitch to neutralise the noise sources.

Docking Station

In addition to these two product groups, there are a variety of other helpful peripherals that simplify work. For example, docking stations can be used to easily connect a variety of other devices to a laptop or desktop PC. The number of available connections on the work device is usually limited. With an external monitor, keyboard, headset or external hard drives, a large number of additional devices quickly come together. The docking station bundles all these devices and requires only one connection on the computer. All devices can thus be used in parallel.

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Lendis is your professional partner for office equipment. More than 500 customers have already successfully furnished their offices with us and equipped their workplaces with state-of-the-art electronics. They benefit from numerous advantages.


Flexibility is key to success in today's business environment. Renting office equipment instead of buying gives you this flexibility. Rent office furniture, acoustic solutions and electronics with us according to your needs. Whether it's a move, new employees or the redesign of your office - with us you can react to your needs at any time and only rent what you actually use.

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First-class service and being available at all times for questions and problems - that is our promise. We assist our customers even before the start of the lease and are happy to take over the planning of their office. Delivery, assembly or pre-installation of software? No problem. Lendis takes care of it. You focus on your core business.

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Instead of high investment costs for your office furnishings, you protect your cash flow and only pay low monthly rental instalments. This secures your liquidity and gives you the flexibility for important investment projects.