Equip teams without stress in the home office - with the Lendis platform

In recent months, the home office has established itself as an additional or even preferred place of work for many people, not only due to the Corona pandemic. At the same time, many employees still complain about the lack of equipment in the home office and a less than professional working environment. But even if the company wants to provide a well-equipped home office, the responsible office and HR managers are faced with the logistical challenge of procuring and managing the equipment for hundreds of colleagues.

Lendis platform for managers and employees

With the Lendis platform, this task becomes child's play. Because with our digital B2B solution, companies now have an efficient tool to organise the procurement and management of home office equipment with just a few clicks.

Using the Lendis platform, your employees can select the desired products for their home office in just a few minutes, while you simply define the framework conditions according to which the products are selected. You then keep a clear overview of the entire process and all orders.

Self-service area for employees

Inquiring about the needs of colleagues, researching suppliers for the corresponding products and then organising delivery and set-up on the employee's premises - the effort required to equip employees is great. With the home office solution from Lendis, this Sisyphean task is now a thing of the past.

Uncomplicated product selection via your own home office shop

Equipping employees with the HO Shop from Lendis - Self-service area for employees

One of the great advantages of the Lendis software solution is that employees can easily select the products for their home office workstation themselves. After logging in with the company's own e-mail address, all the desired products can be added to the shopping basket in the usual way for online shops.

As the person responsible, you don't have to worry about occupational safety and ergonomic requirements. Our office furniture is certified and therefore meets the standards for professional use. When selecting the technology, we rely on the top manufacturers, so that we only offer the most modern notebooks, smartphones or monitors.

After the desired products have been selected, they are clearly summarised in the shopping basket overview so that nothing can be forgotten. Once everything is together, the checkout can begin.
Equip employees with the HO Shop from Lendis - uncomplicated product selection & order overview

Delivery directly to the home office

During checkout, only contact and address details need to be entered and the order can be sent. Once the order has been placed, we can immediately take care of the fast delivery to the employee's specified address. Once there, our logistics team will take care of the professional assembly of all the furniture on site.

Your employees can keep up to date with the current status of their order at all times via their personal account. This not only reduces the communication effort between you and your employees, but also avoids problems due to "surprise" deliveries.

Simple administration via the admin area

As an office manager or HR officer, you no longer have to organise an order yourself thanks to the Lendis platform, but can concentrate on administration.

Individually curated product range

Before employees can place orders, you define an individual product range for your company. This usually includes height-adjustable desks, office chairs and stools, laptops, monitors and useful computer accessories.

Later, your colleagues will choose their favourite products from this range. We usually recommend that our customers limit the selection to 3 to 5 products per category. The clearer the selection, the easier it is to find the right products.

As a shop administrator, you can set numerous other rules about which or how many products individual people (groups) can select. For example, certain laptops or smartphones can only be available to the management or only the employees in the graphics department can select more than 1 external monitor.

Order release

All orders placed by your colleagues are clearly displayed in the order overview area. There you will find all relevant information, such as

  • Name of the user
  • the selected products
  • Order value
  • uvm.
Order overview

You can also access the details of individual orders from there. In the detailed view, you have the option of releasing the respective order. This is done simply by adjusting the current status accordingly. As long as you have not released the order, it will not be processed and executed by us. In this way, you retain full control at all times.

Release of orders

Alternatively, order releases can also be automated, for example by setting budgets. Budgets can be set company-wide or specifically by groups of people, such as by seniority or department. If employees have a set budget available and the monthly rental amount of the selected items is within the set budget, orders are immediately triggered with us. This can further accelerate the process of equipping.

Order overview

The admin dashboard provides you with a quick overview of the most important key figures, such as the total number of home office orders and which budget was used, so that you are always aware of your employees' orders. In this way, you can ensure that the costs remain within the defined framework at all times.

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