Product update March

Of our 700 customers, about 400 already use our platform regularly. They use it to independently rent products, submit support requests and manage their furniture and technology inventory. In March, we continued to work on improving our platform, always keeping the user experience in mind. The focus was on improving the after-request phase. Here we show you which new features we have (further) developed in the past month.

Extended request overview

The current status of each individual rental request can be tracked in the request overview of your account.

Important: Before each delivery, we need some information to enable an optimal process on the day of delivery. Only when we have all the information can the requested products be sent.

If we are missing important information, we will now point it out to you again on the overview page. This way we can avoid unexpected problems on site.

Product update March - Additional details Request overview

Request detail page

One advantage of renting with Lendis is the flexibility to react to demand at short notice. Accordingly, clients rent additional furniture and technology several times a month. In addition, several people are often responsible for the procurement.

In order not to lose the overview here, you will find the relevant information clearly summarised on the details page for each enquiry. You will quickly see how easy it is to understand:

  • at which point of processing the rental request is, 
  • which products belong to the order and 
  • the address to which the products will be delivered
  • who serves as the contact person and
  • how much the monthly rent is
Product update March - Detail view request
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