These products make hybrid working a success

Working in distributed teams, with some employees on site in the office and others working from home or remotely, will be the norm in many companies in the future. This will lead to new processes and new forms of collaboration. However, hybrid working also places new demands on the individual work areas in the office and the home office workplace (find out more about the changing demands on the hybrid office here).

As a multi-purpose space, the office must provide people on site with the right conditions for their respective tasks. At the same time, colleagues working from home must also be professionally equipped. Last but not least, modern solutions are needed to enable collaboration between people in the office and working from home. That's why today we're showing you products that no modern office should be without in the future and that will make hybrid working a success.

Equipment for the multi-purpose office

With the increasing flexibility in the choice of work location, the office must be able to do more in future than just provide a workstation for each employee. After all, in the future, employees will choose the optimal workplace for each task.

Modular furniture & multifunctional solutions

One reason to come to the office is to exchange ideas with your team, to plan or to work together creatively. Depending on the project, this can entail very different needs. Flexibility and multifunctionality will therefore be fundamental requirements for office equipment in the future. Multi-purpose tables such as our Louisa model are suitable for short meetings for two, but can also be used as a meeting area for project meetings for smaller teams thanks to useful accessories such as a whiteboard and monitor.
Modular systems are also perfect for the flexible office. They can be quickly assembled as required. The Johnny meeting station (click here for the product page) consists of 30 individual boxes. Depending on requirements, they can be used as stools, can be put together to form a meeting table or serve as a stand for presentations to the whole team.

Quickly customizable furniture

Desk sharing is a model that is already being implemented in many companies. Instead of each employee having their own workstation, the existing ones are used by the colleagues who are currently on site. This frees up office space that can be used for other purposes.

However, this also means that the workstations can be used by everyone and must be able to be quickly and easily adapted to individual needs. Electrically height-adjustable desks can be adjusted to the required height in no time at all to ensure an ergonomic sitting position. Together with professional swivel chairs, which can also be easily adjusted to suit the individual, you can create flexible workstations that can be used by everyone.

Professional video conferencing solutions

One of the biggest challenges in the future will be to collaborate efficiently with colleagues working from home. Modern technology can make a useful contribution to this and enable collaboration as if you were in the same room. Professional video conferencing solutions not only transmit in high-resolution quality, but also improve the experience with additional features such as a 360° field of view or automatic voice recognition that switches directly to the person currently speaking.

Equipment for home office and remote work

In a hybrid working environment, employees also need to be optimally equipped for work outside the office.

Mobile devices - smartphones, laptops, tablets

Employees equipped with mobile devices can easily switch between the office, their home office or the café around the corner at any time. All programs for work are located on the devices. Important documents can be accessed from any location via appropriately secured access points.

Which device is the most suitable should depend on the tasks of the employee. Apple products are the first choice for all applications where performance is important.

Ergonomic furniture for the home office

A professionally equipped home office workstation is also required when working from home. This is derived not least from occupational health and safety legislation, which makes no distinction between office and home office with regard to the employer's obligation to provide an ergonomic workplace. The minimum requirement should therefore be an ergonomic desk with sufficient space and an ergonomic swivel chair.

Adding an external monitor, keyboard and mouse not only significantly increases productivity, but also promotes the health of your employees.