Noise makes you sick! Healthy and productive with acoustic aids

The trend is moving away from quiet individual offices in which employees devote themselves to their daily work alone like caged ants. Large companies from the IT scene have led the way and many modern large corporations are following suit: instead of small offices, the focus is on team building and community - in project work as well as in processing, employees should feel comfortable in the circle of colleagues and work together. With its modern advantages, the open office space replaces the traditional open-plan office with its boring ambience. As advantageous as working together in a large office can be, the background noise that quickly arises can be exhausting. With modern office planning that takes noise protection into account, you can enjoy the advantages of working together in the office and still enable concentrated work.


While noise protection is a matter of course in workshops, factory halls and on construction sites, with numerous aspects ranging from soundproof booths to headphones, the noise level in office spaces received little attention for a long time.

The advantages of short communication channels, the promotion of community through good cooperation in the office and the reduction of office equipment when only one printer/fax/scanner and co. had to be available for the group instead of in every room were seen as too great. But at the latest when high levels of sick leave and new findings from noise protection were discovered, the offices also came under scrutiny: measurements and examinations revealed,

that the background noise in the large office quickly reaches a limit of 60 to 70 decibels, which corresponds to the noise level of a standard hoover at a distance of one metre.

Occupational health and safety was adapted accordingly, limit values for reasonable noise levels and the requirements for room acoustics were determined. The legal limit according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act is 55 decibels for an office workplace . This is a value that already causes concentration problems for many employees. Guideline values of approx. 35 decibels are recommended for small offices, and approx. 45 decibels for open-plan offices.


The laughter of colleagues, the telephone conversation at the neighbouring table and the humming printer quickly break your concentration. Research at the Cardiology Centre of the University of Mainz has shown that noise pollution not only affects cognitive performance, but can also promote stress, sleep disorders, circulatory and blood pressure problems, heart disease and strokes. Promote pleasant room acoustics accordingly to protect not only the concentration but also the health of your employees in the office.


The larger and higher a space is, the more sound is generated with each noise. You can find suitable acoustic solutions accordingly in high-quality partition walls that improve sound insulation between sub-areas of the large office space. At the same time, partitions add a smart look that can integrate activity areas in a stylish and practical way at the same time. If you also use large office plants in the room design, these also act as "obstacles" to dampen the sound flowing through the room.

Provide separate sub-areas that your employees use for different activities:

Printers can be placed in a separate corner and, thanks to modern technology, can be selected even from the adjoining room.

Have headphones ready to help with concentration.

For telephone calls and conversations, telephone boxes are suitable, which efficiently reduce the volume.

Inaddition, set up rules with your employees for telephone calls, project agreements and communication channels: If you have a short chat with your favourite colleagues in the office kitchen, other employees in the office will feel less disturbed. Agreements on projects and further processing steps can be discussed in concentrated meetings instead of being made across the office workstations. In addition, modern office furnishings should allow different work groups to work separately from each other. Here, too, partition walls offer a flexible addition to the office.


Make use of the advantages of modern open office spaces for a good community in your team. With the right office furnishings, you can promote interpersonal and productive processes and at the same time offer pleasant room acoustics. In this way, you ensure the well-being and health of your employees, strengthen productivity and, incidentally, comply with the legal provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act in a pleasant and exemplary manner.